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Jackboy In Trouble Again As He’s Arrested For Gun & Drug Possession Leave a comment


Jackboy has landed himself in more hot water, as he’s currently in police custody following an arrest for the illegal possession of a firearm and narcotics.

On Tuesday (March 12), the Port St. Lucie Police Department arrested the Florida native (real name Pierre Delince) at a traffic stop. Upon searching the rapper’s vehicle, authorities discovered guns and drugs, for which the 26-year-old was then taken in.

“On March 12th, 2024 at about 10:57 pm, PSLPD Special Investigations Division Gang Intelligence Unit Detectives conducted a traffic stop on a black Chevrolet Suburban in the Tradition area,” a press release from law-enforcement officials read. “The driver was identified as 26-year-old Pierre Delince, AKA Jackboy, who is a known rap artist. He is also a known convicted felon and documented gang member.

“Detectives developed probable cause to search the vehicle and uncovered a loaded Glock handgun with an extended magazine along with several items containing THC, cannabis and drug paraphernalia. Delince was arrested on several felony charges for both the narcotics and firearm and is currently housed in the St. Lucie County Jail with no bond.”

Last year, Jackboy was accused of sexual and physical assault by an artist affiliated with his 1804 Records label.

“He would beat the shit out of me, spit on me, made me sit in the shower butt-ass naked with a fan on, in a sixty-degree house,” Lexxstasy alleged on social media, adding that he “would make me suck dick or fuck him after he beat my ass bloody, bruised, eyes damn near shut.”

The singer later shared what she claimed were teeth marks on her body from him biting her, after which she even accused him of choking and pistol-whipping her to the point he “almost killed” her.

According to court documents obtained by HipHopDX, Jackboy was arrested for the aforementioned accusations on September 15, 2023.

Kodak Black & Jackboy Beef Behind Fatal 2023 Shooting, Authorities Say

Kodak Black & Jackboy Beef Behind Fatal 2023 Shooting, Authorities Say

As part of her report, Lexxstasy told the cops that she noticed Jackboy in her driveway, after which she screamed at him to go away and locked her door.

“[Jackboy] then began trying to open the door and banging on it demanding to be let in,” the document reads. “[Jackboy’s] only intention at the time was to harass the victim, as he had no reason to be there with Lexis recently breaking up with him.”

The MC was subsequently arrested on burglary and stalking charges for the incident. According to the affidavit, his manager later talked to the cops and admitting that Jackboy was at Lexxstasy’s house while “den[ying] the allegation of burglary.”

Jackboy was released on a $5,000 bond. As part of the its paperwork, the judge issued a “no contact” order, meaning that he could not come within 50 feet of Lexxstay “at any public place, except for court proceedings, or within 500 feet of the Victim’s residence or place of employment, or 100 feet of any Vehicle regulaly [sic] driven by the Victim, and Defendant is not to call the Victim on the telephone, write messages to the Victim, or ask to make contact with the Victim.”


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