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Jadakiss Salutes 50 Cent For Showing ‘Nothing But Love’ To Fam Leave a comment


Jadakiss has publicly thanked 50 Cent for showing “nothing but love” to his mother and aunt, who went to see the G-Unit rapper during a recent appearance.

The LOX rapper posted a photo of 50 with his mother and his aunt Beatrice on Thursday (December 28), in which the three were nothing but smiles.

“Momma love and aunt Bea popped up on @50cent and he showed them nothing but love,” he wrote in the caption.

Check out the photo below.

This isn’t the first time that Jadakiss has showed his appreciation for 50 Cent.

Back in September, Kiss implored fans to cop tickets to see the G-Unit boss live over the likes of Drizzy, Queen Bey and Taylor Swift, who were also on the road at the time.

“For the music that we do, to see n-ggas up in that kind of caliber, from our cloth of music to have that kind of production and see my n-ggas up there, that shit is incredible,” declared Jada, who has pulled up as a special guest at numerous dates on the tour.

“I encourage n-ggas to see this. Beyoncé, you better catch that Final Lap Tour. Drake and 21, the Final Lap. Beyoncé, Taylor Swift, catch it. Who else I say? For hardcore Hip Hop lovers and you could only cop one [ticket]?”

Uncle Murda, who had been supporting 50 on the tour, chimed in: “It’s the Final Lap.”

LiteDaBarber, who posted the video, added in his caption: “Always the dressing room convos that go on….on some occasions they can get heated but there’s always peace!!! This is a moment in #hiphop.”

50 Cent Loses Bid To Dismiss Lawsuit Accusing Him Of Hiring Hitman To Kill Ex-Drug Lord

50 Cent Loses Bid To Dismiss Lawsuit Accusing Him Of Hiring Hitman To Kill Ex-Drug Lord

The Final Lap Tour solidified the bond between 50 Cent and Jadakiss, who were once enemies in the 2000s.

Back in 2020, Jadakiss told HipHopDX that he once challenged 50 Cent to a rap battle on pay-per-view for $1 million, proposing JAY-Z and Dr. Dre be judges. During an exclusive interview with HipHopDX, the rap vet reveals the challenge was just something he “thought of” at the time.

“Battling is therapeutic for Hip Hop, but you can’t take it serious,” Kiss told DX. “I mean, you got to take it because when you’re preparing your material for your opponent but when it affects your heart or when you let it get too personal…you got to have fun with it.”

Though the veteran MC thought it’d be an easy pay day, 50 — unfortunately — declined his offer.


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