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Jaden Smith Has Been ‘Distracted’ As He Shares More Photos With GF Leave a comment


Jaden Smith has shared more photos with his girlfriend following their recent viral selfie, while also addressing his lack of new music.

The “Icon” rapper posted two updates on X (formerly Twitter) on Tuesday (February 20), offering more looks at him and Sab Zada — a model and musician he is rumored to have been dating since 2020 — in addition to news of a new album.

The first post features four photos of the couple, including the mirror pic that shot them into viral fame in the first place, a selfie showcasing some new dental work, a photo in front of a desert landscape, and another of them embracing. The post was accompanied by four emojis: a rainbow, a wave, a mushroom, and a tropical tree.

In the second post, he shared that he’s been a bit too busy to focus on new music, but that it’s on the way. “Album Soon I Been Distracted,” Smith wrote.

Fans were quick to draw the line between his new girlfriend and the reason for his hiatus since 2021’s CTV3: Day Tripper’s Edition.

“We all know what you been distracted with bro,” one user commented, while another added: “Anyone would be distracted by a baddie like that one nephew.”

Smith and his girlfriend first took over the internet earlier this month. Despite Smith being the famous one, it was Zada who turned heads thanks to her revealing bikini and apparently mystical appearance.

“She looks like a mermaid I can’t explain it, is this a real person? [crying face emoji] she cute doe,” one commenter wrote.

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Another person wrote: “She looks AI generated,” while a third compared her to the Game of Thrones character Daenerys Targaryen. “Not the Queen of the Iron Throne, Breaker of Chains, Mother of Dragons….lol,” they wrote.

Jaden’s seemingly somber facial expression also caused a bit of chatter online, with one person joking about the possible thoughts running through his head when the photo was taken.

“Why are we here, what are the inner machinations of the universe, when I finally shed this corporeal form I will flow through the heavens like stardust, I will become the very atoms that make up the palm of my dad’s slapping hand,” they joked.


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