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Jam Master Jay’s Family Breaks Silence On Recent Guilty Verdict Leave a comment


Jam Master Jay‘s family has broken their silence around the verdict surrounding the two convicted killers of the legendary Run-DMC DJ.

On Wednesday (February 28), the family issued statement to Billboard making clear that they are pleased about the result.

“We extend our deepest gratitude to the prosecutors, law enforcement officials and all involved in bringing these individuals to justice,” read the statement. “Their unwavering dedication has ensured a measure of accountability for the tragic loss of Jam Master Jay.

“As we pause to reflect, we are reminded of the profound impact and influence Jay had on countless lives. His legacy endures through his music, his spirit and the cherished memories we hold dear. We remain committed to honoring his memory and celebrating the enduring legacy he leaves behind.”

The family went on to thank those who have supported them as they fought for a legal resolution to the Hip Hop pioneer’s death, though they admitted that their faith had helped them find closure long before the trial even started.

“We ask that you continue to honor Jay’s memory through his music and the positive impact he made on the world,” the statement continued. “While the pain of our loss will always remain, we find solace in the knowledge that justice has been served. Our family believes in God’s plan and that faith is what helped provide closure for us long ago. We thank all that continue to support Jay’s legacy by honoring his life’s achievements.”

Earlier this week, the trial of two of the three defendants concluded in New York, and Karl Jordan, Jr., and Ronald Washington were found guilty on all counts.

Both Jordan and Washington will be able to challenge the verdict on appeal, but it is unclear whether they will do so.

“More than two decades after they killed Jason Mizell in his recording studio, Jordan and Washington have finally been held accountable for their cold-blooded crime driven by greed and revenge,” said United States Attorney Breon Peace, in a statement provided by the EDNY. “That the victim, professionally known as Jam Master Jay, was a hip hop icon and Run-DMC’s music was born in Hollis, Queens, in this very district, and beloved by so many, adds to the tragedy of a life senselessly cut short.”

Last year, Jay Bryant (49) became the third person to be charged in the case, though his trial will most likely take place in 2025. Like Jordan and Washington, Bryant has pleaded not guilty.

50 Cent Reacts To Mentor Jam Master Jay’s Murder Trial Verdict: ‘That’s All Folks’

50 Cent Reacts To Mentor Jam Master Jay’s Murder Trial Verdict: ‘That’s All Folks’

The trio are believed to have entered JMJ’s studio and fled after the fatal shooting, with Jordan firing two shots at the victim at close range, including one to the head that killed him. Prosecutors were able to prove that Bryant was seen entering the building immediately before the shooting and left behind an article of clothing at the crime scene, which contained his DNA.

An investigation revealed that the slaying was over a drug deal gone wrong, with Jam Master Jay allegedly acquiring roughly 10 kilograms of cocaine (worth an estimated $1.7 million) from a Midwest narcotics supplier months before his death.

When the Hip Hop pioneer sought to exclude Jordan and Washington from the large, multi-state drug deal, they “murdered him in cold blood,” prosecutors said in their 2020 indictment against the two men.


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