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JCB announces new, electric drive scissor lift for indoor operations Leave a comment


JCB has redesigned its S1932 electric drive scissor lifts with an eye towards making it easier to put to work, and easier to get to work, too.

The updated JCB S1932ED scissor lift does everything the outgoing model did, but does it in a package that’s some 250 lbs. lighter than before. That reduced weight makes it easier to load the S1932ED on and off trailers and, at a “lightweight” 3,500 lbs., increases the number of vehicles capable of transporting it to and from job sites to includes the long-range Ford E-Transit Cargo Van 350 (which has a maximum payload capacity of 3,553 lbs).

Other updates include a standard leak containment system for the lift’s hydraulic fluids, reducing the possibility of slip-and-fall accidents on the job sites where the new JCB will most likely be operated and enabling it to qualify for work on sensitive “no drip/no spill” sites, as well.

Quick-folding rails that will enable the S1932ED to navigating through low doorways and other size-restricted spaces are also included, as is an optional pipe rack capable of securely transporting up to 220 lbs. of tools and materials.

JCB electric scissor lift gets low

New electric scissor lift fits through conventional man door; via JCB.

The new rack setup isn’t just slick and convenient. Making the elevation of materials less strenuous for workers and operators directly addresses health and safety concerns by minimizing the risk of job site injuries associated with moving heavy items up and down scaffolding by hand.

What’s more, the company says its new electric scissor lift’s pipe rack is compatible with entire JCB Access range of both scissor lifts and boom lifts, making its purchase a no brainer for JCB-heavy fleet managers.

Electrek’s Take

This is a great example of a second-generation product doubling down on electrification and delivering significant improvements without focusing on things like increased runtime (that’s “range anxiety” in the car world). By stepping back and saying, “these things are already getting the job done time-wise, how can we make them do more in the time they already have?” JCB has made it infinitely easier for small fleets to put the S1932E (now S1932ED) to work.

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