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Joe Budden Believes Kendrick’s ‘Like That’ Exploded ‘Phony Friendships’ Leave a comment


Joe Budden believes that Kendrick Lamar’s newsworthy verse on “Like That” has exploded “phony friendships.”

On an episode of The Joe Budden Podcast from Sunday (March 24), the Hip Hop personality explained that the instantly iconic K.Dot diss verse aimed at Drake and J. Cole from Future and Metro Boomin‘s new release WE DON’T TRUST YOU exposed how hollow the friendships between many MCs actually are.

Budden brought up the fact that Travis Scott asked Future and Metro Boomin to play the track at Rolling Loud L.A. despite his connection to Drizzy.

“Not you [Travis], hopping around on stage like a fuckity-fuck, saying, ‘Play the Drake diss. I hate these phony friendships. Enough of this.”

Budden suggested that this might bring an end to the artificial relationships that he sees in rap, which Kendrick discussed on “Like That.”

He continued: “I love that Future is the one to break up all of these monetized friendships…All of the Drake all-stars that n-ggas be too scared to press Drake about, that’s [Rick] Ross, that’s [DJ] Khaled, that’s Young Thug, that’s the whole crop…He didn’t do that with Future.”

He also called out Travis directly, saying: “Travis, you phony-ass n-gga…Travis at Rolling Loud: ‘Oh, play this one! Play the diss!’ This was the song!”

Check out the clip below, which begins at about the 25:15 mark.

HHDX YouTube Video Player - Play ButtonYoutube Video - Joe Budden Believes Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Like That’ Verse Exploded ‘Phony Friendships’

The drama between Future, Metro, Kendrick and Drizzy began when Hendrix and Metro dropped WE DON’T TRUST YOU, which features a scathing Kendrick Lamar‘s guest verse on the new track “Like That.”

The album has fans speculating as to whether they have both fallen out with Drake.

After hearing that song in particular, fans across social media began wondering what it might mean for Drake and Future.

The two collaborated on quite a number of hits throughout their careers and even co-headlined the Summer Sixteen Tour in 2016, following the release of their joint mixtape, What A Time To Be Alive.

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However, fans believed that, additionally, the lyrics to the title track on WE DON’T TRUST YOU not only confirm that Future has cut ties with the 6 God, but also hint that the fallout was caused by a woman both men may have been involved with.

The verse hears the Atlanta native rap: “You a n-gga No.1 fan, dog/ Sneak dissin’, I don’t understand, dog/ Pillowtalkin’, actin’ like a fed, dog/ I don’t need another fake friend, dog/ Can’t be ’bout a ho, ’cause we sharin’, dog/ In yo feelings, n-gga, why you playin’, dog?”

As listeners began dissecting what they believe to be a pretty clear narrative — with the general consensus that Drake may have shared something with a lover that made its way back to Future — other eagle-eyed social media users noticed that Metro Boomin seems to have unfollowed his “Knife Talk” collaborator on Instagram.


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