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Kai Cenat Pleads 50 Cent For ‘Power’ Role Following Run-In Leave a comment


Kai Cenat is petitioning to land a role on one of 50 Cent’s most popular television projects after meeting him at an NBA game.

During a Twitch stream on Wednesday (December 27), the internet personality recalled the G-Unit boss passing him by at the New York Knicks vs. Milwaukee Bucks Christmas game in Madison Square Garden.

“Then 50 pulled back up, looking directly at me,” he told his viewers. “This n-gga literally puts his hand on my shoulder — ‘Yo brah, take a picture with my little mans real quick; he fuck with you.’”

After expressing his excitement with an “In Da Club” dance, the 22-year-old inched closer to his webcam and said: “Now 50, the real question I was supposed to ask was: Can I come on Power?

“I wasn’t in the moment of time of thinking that you were right there in front of me, but I should’ve asked you, ‘Would you let me on Power, 50?’ So I need everybody to get this video to 50.”

The holiday season game also received tons of attention because 50 Cent was spotted sitting courtside with Fat Joe.

Just recently, their truce seemed uncertain when the Terror Squad boss linked up with Kenneth McGriff Jr., whose father allegedly conspired to murder the “Candy Shop” rapper. Their joint outing, however, revealed that they are still on good terms.

Fat Joe Salutes 50 Cent For Having ‘One Of The Greatest Albums Of All Time’

Fat Joe Salutes 50 Cent For Having ‘One Of The Greatest Albums Of All Time’

In a video clip from the game, the MCs could be seen bobbing their heads in side-by-side seats as Fif’s career-defining hit “In Da Club” blared over the speakers in the arena. Fortunately for them, the game ended with a win for the home team.

Fat Joe got pulled into a beef with 50 Cent during the early-to-mid-2000s for his ties with Ja Rule, who the mogul continues to torment to this day.

Almost 20 years later, however, he and Joey Crack have turned their squabble into a relationship built on mutual respect.


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