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Kanye West Claims G.O.A.T. Status With New TIDAL Profile Picture Leave a comment


Kanye West has made a claim to be the greatest rapper of all time by updating his profile picture on the streaming service TIDAL.

West quite simply updated his profile picture to an image of a large goat, representing his belief that he’s the G.O.A.T. rapper (or possibly artist in general).

Though never one to lack self-belief or be shy in expressing that, he may have heard recent comments made by Donald Glover a.k.a. Childish Gambino on the subject.

The Atlanta star was recently asked who he thought the greatest rapper of all time was and answered: “To me? Kanye. To me. I know that’s controversial, but I feel like we would not have any of the rappers we have now without him. That’s just for me.”

Glover isn’t the only rapper with that opinion. Chance The Rapper previously called Kanye “the greatest artist of his generation.”

There are some that don’t agree with that view, though, including Black Thought who feels West has fallen off creatively in recent years.

Kanye West Responds To Shaquille O'Neal's 'Man Up' Jab, Hits Back At Taylor Swift Fans

Kanye West Responds To Shaquille O’Neal’s ‘Man Up’ Jab, Hits Back At Taylor Swift Fans

“With 808s [& Heartbreak], it was the audacity. Like, ‘What the fuck?’” he said in an interview with Pitchfork last year. “The level of bravery to destroy and build in the way Kanye did with that project, it’s admirable. That is the stuff of legend.”

He then confessed: “I connect with Kanye’s music less now. Maybe it’s because of the rate at which he’s been putting out art and having to keep up. I think his process has become more assembly-line, which in many ways is the Motown model. It works.

“I don’t know if anything’s lost, but what is sometimes compromised is the personality. The main person it’s supposed to be about is sometimes overshadowed by all these other writers, producers, and people who are contributing. Kanye is less Kanye now than he was when I was a bigger Kanye fan.”

It was a view echoed by T.I. who also said last year: “It feels like Ye, y’know, he got to a point where he just stopped reading the room and just gave everything everywhere, y’know what I mean?”


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