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Kanye West has roasted Kai Cenat for his recent livestream, which featured him trying on some Yeezy clothes and appearing to poke fun at them.

The livestream, which happened on Friday (March 15), featured Cenat dancing around his room in a pair of oversized pants as 50 Cent‘s “In Da Club” played in the background.

“I said a small, not an extra-extra large,” he said. “The fuck am I supposed to do with this shit?”

That prompted Ye to fire off an angry DM towards Cenat.

“Don’t make no jokes about my clothes when you ain’t sayin’ nothing about what adidas is doing,” Ye wrote. “When Vultures song came out, you ain’t play my verse. You controlled.”

Check out the interactions below.

West’s manager John Monopoly reached out to Cenat after the exchange. You can view their talk here.

Kai Cenat is certainly no stranger to controversy.

Last month, the popular Twitch streamer reacted to Killer Mike’s Best Rap Album victory at the Grammys with a profane rant, seemingly shocked that it had triumphed over Drake and 21 Savage‘s Her LossTravis Scott‘s Utopia, and Metro Boomin‘s Heroes & Villains (King’s Disease III by Nas was also nominated, but went unmentioned by Cenat.)

After addressing the rant with a brief mention on the Baller Alert show, Mike went into more detail while talking with The Breakfast Club on Valentine’s Day.

Joe Budden Called Out By Kai Cenat & Adin Ross Over Furious Tirade Against Streamers

Joe Budden Called Out By Kai Cenat & Adin Ross Over Furious Tirade Against Streamers

“Don’t be afraid to own it. Like, I made the best rap album last year. I know my guy Kai was upset, man. Shouts out to Kai Cenat,” Mike said. “Hey man, I didn’t know who the fuck you was either. But listen, now that I know my n-gga – man, let me bring a broom through ya room, player! See if we can put it together. I wanna see you win. I wanna see it happen. I’m sorry your boy didn’t get it – well no I’m not, because I won.

“But shouts out to Travis. I’ve seen him grow from SXSW. I ain’t got no hate for nobody. I want you to win but if we competing, I absolutely want to win and I will rap a muthafucka under the table.”

Mike went on to say that while Cenat may not care for the album now, he does believe its content will mean much more to the livestreamer as he gets older.

“I’m just here to tell Kai … you’re a leader. You will lead a team, you got a bunch of money now,” he added. “As you grow into your leadership, this album’s gonna be more and more relevant to you. As you matriculate more into adulthood, because you’re a young man, this album is gonna mean more and more to you.”


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