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Kanye West Threatened To ‘Cage’ Students, Punch Employee, Says Lawsuit Leave a comment


Kanye West has come under fire due to a new lawsuit that claims the controversial MC threatened to ‘cage’ Donda students and punch employees.

Rolling Stone obtained the lawsuit on Tuesday (April 2), which was filed by Trevor Phillips and includes a number of shocking claims.

West allegedly attempted to: “…install a jail at his school to ‘cage’ students.” Phillips also claimed that West threatened to punch him during what a “temper tantrum,” and that he “gave preferential treatment to white employees.”

The 42-page complaint also, according to Rolling Stone, details West’s “spontaneous firings, a late-night summons to Nobu, watching The Batman on mute, and awkwardly navigating Ye pretending to masturbate.” (A rep for West did not immediately reply to HipHopDX’s request for comment.)

Phillips’ lawsuit isn’t the only new one Yeezy is may soon be facing.

Earlier this week, it was reported that YesJulz has planned to fire back at Kanye and his team with a countersuit for her recent termination. She noted that she would halt the claim if he stepped in to make things right.

In a series of tweets posted late last month, the talent manager and entrepreneur (real name Julianne Goddard) gave her side of her unceremonious departure from Team Yeezy and the pending lawsuit filed against her by the mogul’s chief of staff Milo Yiannopoulos shortly after.

“This that ‘i never actually signed my contract or NDA’ level of calm (As Milo clearly stated in his termination letter for all to see),” she captioned a picture of her signature on her driver’s license next to the signature she alleges Milo forged. “I was then sent a signed NDA two days after my ‘fuck an nda‘ comment With a signature that is VERY CLEARLY not mine.

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Kanye West & Ty Dolla $ign Vultures Listening Experience Dates Canceled

“By the time I’m done with my legal filings someone will be in jail as forging a signature is a federal crime punishable by up to 10 years in prison in the state of California Amongst other charges that are OTW HAPPY GOOD FRIDAY.”

She then gave the team a little over two weeks to drop their lawsuit against her, which they alleged was for violating an NDA that she claimed she never signed.

“I got the meta data on the document,” she wrote. “I have voice notes of our calls. Ive got screen shots of his racist slurs Sexual harassment. You name it I keep all my receipts. Like i said i dare somebody to try and take food of[f] my daughter’s plate. They have 15 days to drop their silly little claims before my counter suit is filed. I state this publicly because i was fired publicly. This is the game they want to play Im ready to play it now.”


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