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Kid Cudi has announced it’s onward and upwards for his new big screen projects.

On Saturday (March 2), the actor/rapper shared on X (formerly known as Twitter) that he’s working on not one but two films.

“I got the music outta me. I got a lot of other stuff im workin on that im really excited about. HELL NAW, the film im doing at Sony and writing w the Lucas Bros is comin together beautifully,” he began.

“Shit is madddd funny and ridiculous. Cant wait for yall to see this madness. And lookin to shoot my directorial debut, TEDDY, sometime after tour,” he added in a humble nod to his directorial debut.

Last year, Deadline reported that the rapper was tapped to star in a zombie flick called Hell Naw, which will also feature screenwriting by Keith and Kenny Lucas — the writers behind award-winning film Judas & The Black Messiah.

Details of the film have been kept under wraps, although the outlet reported at the time that it was still in the development stages. Moreover, Kid Cudi assured his fans they’ll be pleasantly surprised by his performance, hinting at an exciting viewing experience.

“This movie has been five years in the making. I am telling the world now, this film will fuck you up in all the best ways,” he told the publication. “I have been a horror fan since I was 7 years old, The first horror movies I ever saw were Night of the Living Dead and Evil Dead. And from that point on, I was hooked on the feeling of being frightened.”

He continued: “I’ve been wanting to get into this world creating my own stories for a long time, and now, and after years of working it out in my head, it’s finally happening. Sam, The Lucas Brothers and myself have really crafted a tale we feel everyone who’s a fan of horror and comedy will enjoy. You will laugh, oh yes you will, but the horror aspect of this movie will really be something to see. You will be shook. I promise. Y’all know I don’t play around.”

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Teddy is a more personal project, as it’s based on the rapper’s 2009 song “Pursuit of Happiness.”

JAY-Z and Jeymes Samuel are on board as executive producers of the comedy, which Cudi said will contain “some real shit.”

“I added a lot of my own personal struggles and experiences in it, so this film is very close to my heart,” he wrote in a 2022 social media post. “I know that, deep down, this movie will help people the same ways music has… It’s trippy, it’s fun, it’s sad, it’s life.”

In music news, Cudi recently talked up his forthcoming album, promising fans it will be dropping soon, while revealing he’s putting the final touches on the upcoming bangers.

Taking to X, (formerly known as Twitter), he also shared what he planned to do about releasing the new songs.

“My next album is already about 80% done, and itll be out in 2026,” he said. “As always, were takin it someplace new. Just wanted to let yall know, expect an album from me every other year. next year is all about filmin. Got a bunch of stuff I need to get done. Film and tv. So I take a year off of music to do it all.”


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