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Kid Cudi Shades Donald Glover After Collab Request: ‘I’m Cool’ Leave a comment


Kid Cudi seemingly has an issue with Donald Glover after refusing to work with him in any form.

The pair, who are both prominent forces in the worlds of music, film and TV, have yet to release a collaboration together — and it appears it will remain that way.

When a fan encouraged him to work with Glover, a.k.a. Childish Gambino, on X (formerly Twitter) on Wednesday (February 21), Cudi issued a sharp and somewhat shady response.

“@KiDCuDi You and Gambino gotta work on something whether it’s TV, movies, or music we’d love to see/hear it! Your guys’ song Warlords needs an official release!” the person wrote.

Cudi simply replied: “Im cool.”

It’s unclear why Kid Cudi would have a problem with Donald Glover as the pair appeared to be on good terms in the past.

As referenced in the fan’s post, the two rappers collaborated on a song called “Warlords” that leaked a few years ago but never received an official release.

They also went back-and-forth on social media in 2013 about finishing a track that they’d been working on.

Glover tweeted a photo of him and Cudi vibing to a collaboration, with Cudi saying he was ready to hit the studio again in Los Angeles.

“Ima hit u when im back in LA mane, lets finish that jam if possible,” he wrote.

Glover replied: “of course. say sup to @Logic301 fur me.”

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However, when the idea of collaborating with Childish Gambino was floated five years later following the release of Passion, Pain & Demon Slayin’, Cudi seemed to have changed his tune.

In response to a fan who asked him on X: “When are we gonna hear Cudi and Gambino!?!” he wrote: “Hmm.”

Donald Glover previously opened for Kid Cudi at Terminal 5 in New York City in 2011 prior to releasing his debut album Camp.

During an interview with GQ last year, he recalled getting booed that night and putting his all into the show despite the backlash.

“At the time I had a full band and a violinist,” he said. “I just kept turning to the band and telling them, ‘Next song! Next song!’ I put on a really intense show through the boos.”


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