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Killer Mike Wants Taylor Swift To Be His Good Luck Charm Leave a comment


Killer Mike has invited Taylor Swift to be the third party in his longtime marriage, in hopes of extending her current winning streak into his own life.

The Grammy winner stopped by The Daily Show on Tuesday (February 13), where guest host Jordan Klepper asked about Tay Tay’s apparent snub of Celine Dion as a play off of Mike’s own unfortunate incident at the Grammys. And that’s when the Atlanta rapper kept the jokes going.

“Shouts out to Taylor, man,” he said. “Goddamn, she won at the Grammys. Her boyfriend won the Chiefs. If she’s into poly, me and my wife need a third. We’re trying to win again!”

Klepper then questioned the “Never Scared” rapper about whether he’d cleared such an arrangement with his longtime wife, to which Killer Mike replied: “I feel I could pull it off. Only problem is my wife’s good with a gun. She doesn’t agree. But I’ll keep trying for all the men out there.”

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Killer Mike’s suggestion about adding Taylor Swift to his happy family seems to go against what he previously said on The Breakfast Club on Wednesday (February 14).

There, host Charlamagne Tha God asked him to elaborate on his 2019 quote on the same show: “I married a Black woman; a lot of my critics did not.”

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Killer Mike Clears Up Relationship With Controversial Republican Governor Brian Kemp

Walter E. Williams said there’s only one case he agreed with in terms of segregation,” the 48-year-old explained. “He says: ‘That’s when it comes to marriage — you should marry a Black woman.’

“Who’s going to understand me like a Black woman? Who gon’ understand my pain, my strife, my struggle? Who’s going to understand culturally how important it is for my Black children to be proud to be Black? Even when she didn’t birth these children, she’s still their mother — nobody’s going to do that like a Black woman.”

He concluded: “That’s not putting down other people, but that’s [to] say before you criticize me now, I’m going to look at your life decisions, n-gga, and if your life decisions didn’t bring you to a Black woman, then, n-gga, a lot of the shit you say might not be [credible].”


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