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Lil Baby Fires Back After Akademiks Questions His Sexuality Leave a comment


Lil Baby has hit back at Akademiks after the podcast called his sexuality into question for allegedly painting his nails.

After Baby teased some new music with a snippet of an upcoming track along with a video that appears to show him wearing nail polish, Ak called out the rapper on X (formerly Twitter).

“Dis n-gga ain’t been the same since then Michael Rubin parties… I kno his nails not painted .. man wats going on in rap,” he wrote.

Akademiks also posted a picture of Lil Baby being hugged by billionaire Michael Rubin from behind and said: “The day we lost Lil Baby.”

Baby quickly hit back at the former Everyday Struggle host, writing on his Instagram Stories: “Y’all blogs gotta stop just posting anything!! I ain’t painting my mf nails!!

“At this point, ya’ll gotta see n-ggas like Akademiks got an agenda!! Miss me with that weird shit!! (No lol).”

The two have a history, with Akademiks previously accusing Lil Baby of ducking a fight after they had an online exchange.

“I will fight Lil Baby for free or for money. I just wanna get in the ring with him,” Ak said during a stream in 2022. “You ain’t got no 4PF, n-gga. I will choke you to death, I will punch you in your face.

“You’re not doing shit. Stop it. You’re a fucking retarded rapper, you can’t do shit. Stop it. Who gon’ stand on that?”

In a later livestream, the podcaster accused his rival of ducking his offer.

Akademiks Trashes Lil Baby, Nicknames Him 'Short Bus Baby'

Akademiks Trashes Lil Baby, Nicknames Him ‘Short Bus Baby’

“This is Lil Baby, yesterday. ‘Send me the addy,’” Ak said while holding up his phone to the camera and showing alleged messages from the rapper. “Today, that’s when I seen it. I said ‘I love you too, let me know if you’re in New York.’ That’s how I responded. ‘Just let me know if you’re in New York.’

“I’m not gonna show you the address that he sent me, I don’t wanna dox him in case somebody he knows lives there. But he sends me an address and he says, ‘Yo I’m in New York.’ So I said, ‘Alright, cool.’ He said, ‘Let me know where you are I’ll come to you,’ so I said, ‘Alright, fine.’”

Akademiks claimed he was ready and willing to meet Lil Baby in the Big Apple, but later found out he wasn’t even in the city.

The My Turn hitmaker isn’t the first rapper to catch flak for allegedly painting his nails. Kid Cudi faced backlash online in 2021 after showing off a multi-colored manicure, and responded by telling critics to “fuck way off.”


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