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Lil Kim Sparks Romance Rumors With Younger Rapper Leave a comment


Lil Kim has sparked romance rumors after penning a sweet message to up-and-coming rapper Tayy Brown for his birthday.

The Hard Core rapper appeared to go public with her new man on Monday (February 26) as she gushed over her special bond with Brown and shared videos of them enjoying each other’s company.

“I know this post is a little late but I was blessed enough to spend ur whole birthday with U and we’re still celebrating,” she wrote on Instagram. “Our bond is so perfectly matched in the most organic way. I kno it was God that brought us 2gether.

“If ppl only knew how big of a role u play in my life and in my career. If they only knew ur a big part of the reason the beehive is getting new music right now. U are my motivation and that voice that is always cheering me on. Ur so intelligent and such a boss.

“If they only knew the things we figure out 2gether, how we can talk with our eyes and be on the same page. How we are each others rock, the late night talks, the gut wrenching laughs we share, the arguments, the debates.”

She continued: “U get on my nerves sometimes  but it also brings me great pleasure to annoy u cause I’m annoying. Even after I annoy u, u always give me the biggest smile. Which if anyone knows u, they know that u barely do and that’s why it makes me so happy to annoy u.

“It’s so weird how we became so close because it happened out of nowhere but I’m really proud of what we’re building and most of all the unconditional love we have for each other. Ur a sweet gangsta and I love it!

“I always want the best for u and I wanna see u go all the way to the top where u belong. U deserve it. My twinn, my bestfrennn. So proud to call u my artist. I Love u 4 Ever @realtayybrown.”

HHDX YouTube Video Player - Play ButtonYoutube Video - Lil Kim Sparks Romance Rumors With Younger Rapper After Sweet Birthday Post

The two also recently dropped a song together called “Love For Ya,” the video for which can be seen above.

In the comments section, Lil Kim’s fans celebrated what appears to be her new relationship, with one commenting: “Loving the joy he brings to you KIMMIE!”

Another asked: “They go together or work together? Or both?”

Others, however, criticized the perceived age gap as one said: “I love you Kim but he look like he’s 19yrs old.”

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Someone else wrote: “How old is he? Defly looks like baby tho. Cute just young. But I bet he ready lol. Hi Kim cougar.”

Kim, who is 49, previously dated The Notorious B.I.G. before his death and was later in relationships with Scott Storch and Ray J.

She also dated Mr. Papers before accusing the rapper of domestic abuse.


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