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Lil Nas X Asks Fans For Feedback On New Tracks Leave a comment


Lil Nas X has revealed that he’s ready to drop some new heat, and he wants his fans to decide which song should drop first.

Taking to his Instagram on Saturday (March 9), the “Montero” rapper told his followers that he’d been hoarding songs, and he was finally ready to share them with the world.

“been hoarding music for years smh i hate my relationship with fear of my songs not doing well and perception. i wish i could just release music and not give af!. anyways enough venting…what’s you guys top 2 of these snippets ??” he wrote in the caption of a slideshow where he’d shared more snippets.

Lil Nas X’s post got a comment from SZA, who wrote, “Caption is me . I love you .. everything you make is awesome [heart emoji].”

Check it out below.

The openly gay rapper previously posted one of these snippets on X on Thursday (March 7).  It features sexually explicit lyrics about his youth.

“Grindr sessions sexing with faceless accounts/ Bringing bodies in me then sneaking them out/ Back in middle school I was fiending for dick/ 7th grade, sending my homies some pics,” he raps.

He also says: “Daddy never knew what I did as a kid/ He would’ve crucified me but trust me, I get it.”

The song appears to be possibly intended for a new project, as Lil Nas wrote in his tweet: “nasarati 2 otw… trust me [mending heart emoji].”

He released the original project, which was his debut mixtape, in 2018, months before his breakout hit “Old Town Road” blew up.

Lil Nas X’s raunchy confessions were met with shocked responses from fans, with one commenting: “Back in middle school you were WHAT?”

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Lil Nas X Responds To ‘J Christ’ Controversy: ‘I’m Proud Of My Song & The Video’

Another said: “7TH GRADE ?!? I was collecting jelly bracelets.”

Fans also had jokes at the ready, with one remarking: “Meek mill punching the air right now,” referencing recent rumors about the Philadelphia rapper being gay.

Others understood where Lil Nas was coming from: “I was munching down in middle school I’m not even gonna lie.”

Another agreed: “Middle school is when we start exploring and experimenting (curiosity). It’s somewhat a science/age behavioral thing.”


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