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Lizzo Calls Out White Outsiders For ‘Talking Like Black People’ Leave a comment


Lizzo has never been one to shy away from sharing her opinion, so it comes as no surprise that she’d hold nothing back when discussing the issue of cultural appropriation.

On Wednesday (March 6), the “About Damn Time” singer took to TikTok to respond to a video where a white woman jokes about the overuse of the term “type shit” by potential romantic partners.

The clip prompted Lizzo to issue a P.S.A. on white people “talking like Black people” and call for more gatekeeping around the use of AAVE (African-American Vernacular English).

“Why don’t we bring back gatekeeping?” she said. “So that AAVE is reserved for the people who created it and grew up speaking it.

“So that all these people that are now talking like Black people because they read words on the internet and don’t know the origin and don’t participate in the culture don’t overuse it and then things like this happen.”

“Because ‘ganglish’ is definitely the new ‘thug,’” she continued. “When police would call someone a ‘thug’ but it’s really a Black person, which is the new hard ‘r’ N-word.

“I know so many people who have said ‘type shit, type shit’ their entire lives. I’ve heard them talk like that for years before it became trendy on the internet to say that. But maybe if these internet people get sick of it, we can just continue to use our dialect in peace, Type shit.”

Watch the video below.


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The clip comes on the heels of Lizzo addressing her inclusion (or lack thereof) in Jennifer Lopez’s new movie This Is Me…Now: A Love Story after a documentary revealed J.Lo’s failed efforts to recruit a number of big-name artists.

Last week saw the release of The Greatest Love Story Never Told, a companion documentary that chronicles the making of the singer’s aforementioned music film, which itself is based on J.Lo’s new album of the same name.

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Lizzo Flaunts Weight Loss In Racy Lingerie Thirst Trap

In one of the most attention-grabbing scenes, J.Lo and her team discuss the celebrities they’ve asked to appear in the film. The list of no’s due to unavailability mentioned in the scene includes Lizzo, along with Snoop DoggTaylor SwiftAriana Grande and many others.

After the film’s release, Lizzo responded via TikTok, saying she had been unaware of the project.

“Nobody asked me,” she clarified. “J.Lo, I love you.”

The celebrities who did end up in This Is Me…Now: A Love Story include Post MaloneKeke PalmerFat Joe, Jennifer Lewis, Jane Fonda, and Lopez’s husband Ben Affleck.


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