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Ma$e Calls D’Angelo Russell A ‘Generational Snitch’ Leave a comment


Ma$e has playfully poked fun at Los Angeles Lakers player D’Angelo Russell amid strife with Nets baller Dennis Schröder.

In a recent episode of his It Is What It Is podcast, the rapper, joined by co-hosts Cam’ron and Stat Baby, discussed Russell’s public accusations against Schröder for allegedly hindering a relationship with Lakers head coach, Darvin Ham.

“D’Angelo Russell, didn’t he snitch on…Swaggy P?” Ma$e inquired. “Sounds like the n-gga snitched on everybody, man,” he began.

“You got a whole new generation he snitching on,” he added. “This a generational snitch right here. He going to make it his business to snitch on somebody.

“D’Angelo Russell, chill out. You don’t gotta tell on everybody, man. … That n-gga a tattle tale.”

“Leave me name out of it!” he concluded laughingly. See the exchange at around the 22 minute mark below.

HHDX YouTube Video Player - Play ButtonYoutube Video - Ma$e Calls D’Angelo Russell A ‘Generational Snitch’ Over Dennis Schröder Comments

According to ESPN, Russell claimed that Schröder’s relationship with Ham negatively impacted him last season, saying, “His [Schröder’s] relationship with Darvin is the reason I couldn’t have a relationship with Darvin.”

Upon catching wind of Russell’s comments, Schröder had a few thoughts of his own, dubbing Russell immature.

“I don’t know,” said Schröder when prodded about Russell’s recent comments during press conference following his first game back post surgery, the New York Post reports. “I showed that to my wife, because I didn’t even see it until one of my coaches in Germany sent it to me. I mean, I don’t understand it. But at the end of the day, it just shows off immaturity. You’re not really mature if you’re just keeping somebody’s name in his mouth and just running it. I don’t understand.”

Ma$e shading Russell comes after he and Cam took aim at yet another professional baller, Houston Rockets superstar Jalen Green, for getting model Draya Michele pregnant.

On an episode of It Is What It Is that aired on Monday (March 11), the co-hosts reacted to the couple’s official announcement, noting that it was “poor shot selection.”

Killa Cam kicked things off by saying: “These young basketball players was kids and they watched these bitches on TV growing up. It’s like this, Murda … It’s almost like, ‘Yo, you know I bagged Phylicia Rashad, right? You know I got Bill Cosby‘s TV wife?’ I’m talking about when we was 21 or 22.”

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Cam’ron Clowns Nick Young Over Wild Draya Michele & Gilbert Arenas Car Sex Story

He continued: “You can’t get mad at the female, first of all. Second of all, if Draya announced it, my question is this: Did he co-sign it?’ That’s the question.”

Ma$e then responded: “That’s a good statement, Killa. What’s he saying? Is he happy? If he likes it, pause. I love it.”

Cam’ron then said he would want to hear from the NBA player’s family, adding: “You know who we would really like to talk to? Jalen Green’s parents to see if they approve … They probably like, ‘You dumb motherfucka. What the fuck are you doing, my n-gga?’”


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