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Ma$e Reveals The Dangers He Escaped By Quitting Rap Leave a comment


Ma$e has made it clear that he has no regrets about quitting the rap game when he was at his very peak during the late 90s.

During an episode of It Is What It Is that aired on Friday (March 22), Murda was asked if he made the right decision by retiring in 1999 to become an ordained minister.

“I did,” he said without hesitation, before referring to a litany of misfortunes that befell his fellow Bad Boy artists. “Everything now that we see playing out was all the things I escaped — the car, the Shyne [who served nearly nine years in prison after a 1999 shooting incident], the Loon [sentenced to prison on drug charges in 2013], Puff Daddy [accused of multiple instances of sexual assault], the Craig Mack [dead at 47], the Biggie Smalls [murdered at 24] — so even though I made those decisions and it cost me money, that’s why I got with Killa and they gave me the money back. I didn’t lose no money. Destiny.”

Pointing to the person off camera who asked him the question, he added: “See, that’s why it’s destiny — you asked me the right question, we at the right place. This is how it’s meant to go, man.”

Earlier this month, Ma$e sent positive wishes to Cam’ron after implying that his co-host was confronted by Mike Tyson for claiming that Jake Paul will win their their upcoming boxing match.

The former heavyweight champion and YouTube star are set to face each other in a boxing match on July 20, though it isn’t clear yet if the bout will be an exhibition or count as a professional contest.

Cam predicated that Paul would emerge victorious over the legendary athlete, who is 30 years his senior and previously retired from boxing for a second time in 2022.

“Mike is my man [but] this is my prediction for the fight: if Mike don’t get him out of there in five rounds, then I believe that Jake Paul’s gonna win the fight,” the Dipset rapper stated.

Ma$e then joked: “Killa, I hope you don’t see Mike. Mike gonna want to talk to you about that.”

Soon after, the “Welcome Back” MC opened an episode of It Is What It Is without Cam’ron and delivered a short monologue about the “Hey Ma” rapper running into Tyson after he made the above comments.

Styles P Recalls The LOX Almost Fighting Mike Tyson To 'Protect' Eve

Styles P Recalls The LOX Almost Fighting Mike Tyson To ‘Protect’ Eve

“Cam is on his way here, he’s probably not gonna make this show. He was calling me while he was getting on this flight and he had some sad news,” he explained. “Mike Tyson, the guy he was running his mouth about, was standing right behind him when I saw him on FaceTime.”

While doing an impression of Tyson, he added: “I think Mike was whispering too him, ‘Cam, I need to talk to you.’ And then Cam say he gonna call me back but he never called me back.

“So for everybody watching this, pray for Cam right now. I’m praying for Cam, you pray for Cam that Mike Tyson did not take his comments seriously. This is what happens when you run your mouth. How ironic was it that Mike Tyson was there right behind him?”


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