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MC Shan Takes Aim At Dr. Umar Over Eminem Comments Leave a comment


MC Shan has never been afraid to voice his opinions, and now, he’s got some thoughts on Dr. Umar Johnson‘s views on Eminem.

The Juice Crew All-Stars member took to his Instagram Live on Saturday (December 30) to roast the activist for his recent claims about Eminem, reminding Johnson — whom he addressed as “Mr. Muthafuckin’ Umar” — that Slim Shady was, and has been, down with the culture for years.

“Mr. Muthafuckin’ Umar, you just make everything a race thing, n-gga,” he began. “Everything ain’t no fuckin’ race thing. Eminem — muthafucka, you know that n-gga nice. Em deserves a muthafuckin’ slot in this game!

“Em wasn’t no rich muthafucka that come and rob the rap game, and step off. Em muthafuckin’ came in this muthafucka, he had more problems than any Black n-gga. His plate was just as fucked up as some of us in the Black community. Nobody’s robbin’ us.”

He continued: “If you don’t wanna respect him, you do what you do, n-gga,” he concluded. “We don’t fuck with you anyway like that, n-gga. We talk our Hip Hop shit. You talkin’ Black racial, Black fuckin’ culture rhythm. Yeah, we on that, but n-gga, we don’t fuck with that shit. Leave us over here. Em is down with us, son.”

Check it out below.

Dr. Umar Johnson, a controversial activist who has received criticism for his opinions on homosexuality, interracial marriage, and antisemitism, has doubled down on his recent comments where he claimed that calling Eminem one of the greatest rappers of all time was “white supremacy.”

After being roundly criticized for his remarks, Dr. Umar went on Instagram Live on Wednesday (December 27) and defended his opinions.

“When I look at the responses from America’s Caucasian community over this issue of Eminem being the G.O.A.T. of Hip Hop — and let me say this: I have nothing personal against Eminem,” he said.

“My comments had nothing to do with Mr. Marshall Mathers personally. And I want Mr. Marshall Mathers to understand that Dr. Umar Ifatunde harbors no personal ill will towards you. You are a talented musician, lyricist, producer. You seem like you are an okay guy.”

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The Game Admits Eminem Beef Was Because He Was ‘Upset’ With Dr. Dre

He continued: “So my comments are not personal; they apply to any non-African. This is about business — the business of protecting the integrity of African culture.

“But from a cultural integrity perspective, haven’t they stolen enough from us? Haven’t they appropriated enough from us? Haven’t they robbed, stole, killed, enslaved, lynched, miseducated, mass incarcerated, politically dominated us enough?”

“The fact that you got Black people arguing for a white man to be considered the greatest of all time in an African artform speaks to how psychologically ill we are as a race of people,” he concluded.


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