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Meek Mill Gets $1M Offer From Akademiks After Podcast Proposal Leave a comment


Meek Mill has received an offer from Akademiks that the rapper may find hard to refuse after announcing his intention to enter the podcast game.

Taking to X, formerly known as Twitter, on Saturday (March 16), the Dreams & Nightmares rapper revealed that he has a lot to say, and can only say it on a podcast platform.

“I want a podcast deal I have a a lot to say on many different levels!” he said, in part. “If you have a podcast business moving slow I can reverse that! From – meek mill – I’ve always been my own media and I wanna join the culture of black media!

“I wanna partner with somebody already good in the business not just dive in! 2 episodes a month! Yeah just a podcast deal my boy…. I just wanna get in media now and rap to tell reforms stories about the system let others share their stories and address all propraganda [sic]… uplift the black culture … stop beefs publicly ..

He added: “it’s gonna be called ‘culture currency’ Teach the level of business knowledge I know from the streets to being around extreme wealth! Like how you had the show on Spotify but fueling street beefs I want that type of opportunity!”

That prompted Akademiks, a longtime podcaster and rival, to make an offer to the Philadelphia rapper.

“I’ll offer you a Million dollars up front for you for 52 episodes,” he responded in a quote-tweet. “1 a week. We own video and audio, with a option to renew for a second year. Also we buss down ads 50% on any ads we bring in (Prizepicks, Fashionova etc). You can own the podcast, but we share the IP as long as u in the deal.”

Check out the interactions below.

This is the latest million-dollar offer made available to the two warring factions.

Earlier this month, Damon Feldman — the author of the book 16 Minute Man and the CEO of Official Celebrity Boxing — told TMZ  that he’s made all the necessary provisions for the pair to step in the ring, including booking a venue for May 18 and providing a $1 million purse for the winner, if they will take him up on his offer.

Akademiks Fires Back At Meek Mill Amid Diddy Sex Claims: 'Nobody In Rap Envies You'

Akademiks Fires Back At Meek Mill Amid Diddy Sex Claims: ‘Nobody In Rap Envies You’

“DJ Akademiks, always starting shit — listen, man, you gotta step up,” he said. “I already have the boxing training camp for you at Gonzalez Gym. Raekwon [not the Wu-Tang Clan legend] here is going to train you. Meek Mill, he already has a trainer with Monique Jackson.”

Feldman continued: “You gotta make this happen. May 18 in Atlanta. I already talked to my guys down at King of Diamonds. They’re helping get the venue down there. Step up. Celebrity Boxing has $1 million on the table.”

Neither side has taken Feldman up on the offer, so far.


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