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NBA YoungBoy Blesses Family With Christmas Cash Leave a comment



NBA YoungBoy is in the holiday spirit and decided to bless a random family with some cash while walking out of Target.

Earlier this week, YoungBoy had his security guard track down a couple he spotted walking out of a Utah Target with their child and handed over a stack of money.

The man couldn’t believe what was taking place and proceeded to let everyone know that he was a barber who had recently posted one of the Baton Rouge rapper’s songs to soundtrack one of his haircuts on social media.

The woman then captured NBA YoungBoy on camera as he popped out of his SUV and pulled up on the couple with a jacket over his head to cover his identity while crossing the parking lot.

An upbeat YB then let them know that seeing their family together brought a smile to his face: “Ay, you G’d up with your family. That made me so happy. Love y’all.”

In a separate clip, the couple is seen recounting the unbelievable moment to another person in the parking lot.

“He just said we made him happy or something,” the woman asked, before the man said, “Fuck, he just gave me some cash that shit is crazy.”

She quickly chimed in: “It’s our cash.”

NBA YoungBoy has good reason to be in a positive mood this holiday season as the rapper received a legal victory in his federal gun case earlier this week.

Judge Shelly D. Dick ruled to loosen the restrictions on his house arrest in Utah so that he could leave the house for medical appointments, after YoungBoy complained that being cooped up at home was impacting his mental health.

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E-40 Praises NBA YoungBoy Following New Collab: ‘That’s A Deep Young Man’

“The defendant is restricted to 24-hour a day lock-down at his residence except for medical appointments and court appearances or other activities specifically approved in advance by the defendant’s pretrial supervision officer,” the court riling reportedly reads.

However, the judge iced the idea of YoungBoy traveling outside of Utah for work-related duties, a modification the rapper’s team had also requested.

The trial in the Baton Rouge rapper’s federal gun case is expected to finally begin in July 2024.

YoungBoy will remain under strict house arrest regulations — which he has been under since 2021 — until the trial concludes.


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