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Nicki Minaj Shares ‘Things I’ve Learned’ About Her Barbz Leave a comment


Nicki Minaj has always shared a strong bond with her Barbz fanbase, and she recently revealed what she’s learned about them since their 2009 inception.

Taking to Twitter/X with a post on Tuesday (February 20), the Queens rapper laughed as she acknowledged how far her fans will go to protect her. She clarified that she’s not their favorite artist – she’s their family member.

“I be tryna tell y’all nobody is exempt. #ACGI ANYBODY CAN GET IT,” she began. “It don’t matter WHO start it, the barbz ALWAYS finish it. I been doin this shit for a long time now & every-time I ever tried to warn ppl that the barbz are different, they had to learn the hard way.

“Things I’ve learned about the #Barbz since 2009 on this app:
1. They NEVER Forget 😒
2. They don’t care how long it take to get a OPP bakk
3. They NEVER stop once they start. They’ll be in that ass #ForLife (moment 4 Life voice)
4. They beat everyone @ their OWN game while laughing & supporting Onika.
5. They make a fun sport out of giving ppl a taste of their own medicine. So if you do something, they will patiently wait for their turn & chiiiiiiii. WooWEE 🫢
6. It’s never business with the barbz. Once they feel that line is crossed, it’s personal.”

She concluded: “Read #6 again. It wasn’t a typo. I’m not their fave, I’m their family. Know the difference & then… Play @ your own risk #PinkFriday2 #GagCity WORLD TOUR begins in 10 days.”

The Pink Friday 2 World Tour will be kicking off in Oakland, California on March 1 2024. The North American leg featuring Monica will run through cities across America, including New Orleans, Atlanta, Charlotte, New York, Philadelphia and more.

Ahead of the tour, Nicki Lewinsky has been spotted practicing choreography for the album’s standout hit, “FTCU.”

More recently, she expressed interest in having comedian Katt Williams join the tour as well.

Nicki Minaj Shows Love To Former Manager Deb Antney For Always Having Her Back

Nicki Minaj Shows Love To Former Manager Deb Antney For Always Having Her Back

The “Roman’s Revenge” rapper took to Instagram Live on Tuesday (February 20) to see what it might take to get the comic to join the bill.

She asked her Barbz: “I know that this is the busiest man in show business, ok? I know that he’s rich, and I know that he’s the funniest man in showbiz. Can ya’ll hit up Katt Williams and ask him what would be his price…to be a part of the Pink Friday 2 Gag City Tour.”

As of this writing, there is no confirmation he will join the trek just yet.


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