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NIO begins mass production of semi-solid-state batteries for EVs Leave a comment


NIO is celebrating a potentially impactful milestone today. With the help of partner WeLion, NIO has begun mass production of its 150 kWh semi-solid-state batteries. With production now underway in China, we expect to see the safer and more energy-dense cells powering NIO brand EVs as early as this quarter.

NIO ($NIO) remains a key player in the Chinese EV market and is one of the many young automakers in the region expanding to new markets around the world, particularly in Europe. While much of the company’s success has come in the form of passenger EV sales, NIO continues to explore innovation and implementation in other adjacent technologies, including battery swap stations and its own branded smartphones.

Another venture NIO has invested in is solid-state batteries with major manufacturers like CATL and WeLion. When NIO first introduced its ET7 in early 2021, it unveiled a new 150 kWh pack equipped with semi-solid-state batteries from WeLion.

In December 2023, we reported on WeLion’s progress in delivering the 360 Wh/kg solid-state batteries for NIO, which was going smoothly, with expectations of delivering the cells in mass quantities by April 2024.

Five days into April, NIO is celebrating mass production of the semi-solid-state batteries as promised.

NIO solid-state
Source: Weibo blogger @德卤爱开车

NIO rolls first semi-solid-state battery off assembly line

Per a recent post by Weibo user @Delu Loves Driving, NIO’s first 150-kWh battery pack (seen above) has rolled off the assembly line in China. According to the post, the semi-solid-state cells from WeLion have already been tested at battery swap stations in Shanghai and Chengdu.

For comparison, NIO’s current stations swap EV batteries that are 75 or 100 kWh in capacity, so the new semi-solid-state cells can deliver significantly more range to drivers in a matter of minutes via swaps.

The new packs are expected to be implemented in several NIO models going forward, likely beginning with the previously mentioned ET7 sedan, which has already traveled 1,044km (649 miles) on a single charge, with additional range to spare with 3% battery remaining.

During its Q4 2023 earnings call in March, NIO shared that the 150 kWh semi-solid-state battery packs would be put into service in Q2 2024. With mass production now underway, NIO appears on track to begin putting the technology out in the market, pushing electric mobility further (literally).

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