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Offset Reveals Real Reason He Skipped Kai Cenat’s Jail Stream Leave a comment


Offset has opened up about why he skipped out onKai Cenat’s livestream from jail, and it has nothing to do with the streamer’s criticism of his album.

The Migos rapper recently stopped by The Morning Hustle and revealed he didn’t want to do the fake jail stint since he “comes from that” and didn’t want to make a mockery of his friends doing lengthy bids by being in a pretend prison.

“A lot of people thought it was because of how he judged the album,” Set began. “I didn’t do the jail thing because I really had to think about it. I really come from that and it’s really got bros and homies struggling with that. It’s not really a game. It’s a serious thing. I understand content — I salute it — but I just couldn’t be a part of that content.”

He continued to remind the co-hosts of his times being in and out of jail during the early Migos days: “If y’all remember I come from jail, I remember sitting in there down bad with no money on the books. I know how it feel. It ain’t the right feeling. I got homies that can’t get out ever. I didn’t want to make a mockery of them.

“My world and his world different. I got some real shit that go on in mine. I ain’t want to have to answer the bros. Even when the clip came out, the bros like, ‘Ay, what you got going on?’ Because it’s a serious thing.”

Watch the clip below.

As far as Cenat’s criticism of Offset’s Set It Off, Kai called one song “mid” and admitted he “didn’t like” another during a stream. He also said, “I don’t know, bro” while listening to another song, struggling to hide his true feelings.

While Set skipped out on October’s jail stream, he did appear on Cenat’s 24-hour stream at his crib in September, and even slept over.

Offset Stands By Kai Cenat Following Arrest For Fan Frenzy: ‘New York Be Trippin!’

Offset Stands By Kai Cenat Following Arrest For Fan Frenzy: ‘New York Be Trippin!’

Set confronted his fear of snakes at one point in the stream as he mustered up the courage to pet the four-foot-long reptile.

“It’s really like a breathing Birkin bag,” one of the handlers joked, attempting to calm Offset’s fears.

Other highlights from Offset and Kai Cenat’s stream-a-thon include the rapper hilariously falling out of his chair and Cardi B calling into the broadcast.

“This is what I need in my life, for real. You need to be streaming every single day for 24 hours so I can know everything you’re doing,” she joked.


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