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PARTYNEXTDOOR Teases ‘PARTYNEXTDOOR 4’ With ‘Resentment (CCTV)’ Leave a comment


PARTYNEXTDOOR is gearing up to release his next album, and he has now teased it with a brand new music video.

On Thursday (March 7), the Canadian singer and producer shared part of a video for his song “Resentment (CCTV).” The teaser features a range of footage related to law enforcement as well as a number of women having their mugshots taken.

You ain’t gon’ keep bringin’ up the past/ You ain’t gon’ keep turnin’ your back/ I won’t keep standin’ for it/ What be goin’ through your mind?” the OVO crooner sings on the track.

Additionally, a pre-save link for PARTYNEXTDOOR 4 was shared under the YouTube post of the song.

“R E S E N T M E N T (CCTV) from the files…more otw sooner than you know,” the singer captioned his post.

Check it out below:

HHDX YouTube Video Player - Play ButtonYoutube Video - PARTYNEXTDOOR Teases New Project ‘PARTYNEXTDOOR 4’ With ‘Resentment (CCTV)’ Video

The full audio of “Resentment (CCTV),” per PND’s “from the files” comment, has been available for months. You can listen here.

Last year, the 30-year-old reminded fans and followers of his success in the music business, and how he far he has come since his DIY beginnings.

In late December, the R&B star took to TikTok where he reflected on his early contributions to SoundCloud despite being snubbed in the various online discussions about artists who leveraged the popular music-sharing service to the max.

“Y’all don’t even count me, and I hear who they say, ‘Who’s the SoundCloud king?’ It’s undeniable,” the rapper said in the social-media post.

Drake Fuels PARTYNEXTDOOR Album Hype During Surprise Toronto Performance

Drake Fuels PARTYNEXTDOOR Album Hype During Surprise Toronto Performance

After dropping tracks like “Make A Mil” and “Wus Good/Curious” on SoundCloud in the early 2010s, PND earned a loyal fanbase almost overnight.

“Who went from SoundCloud to Diplo?,” he continued, listing his accomplishments. “Who went from the runner-up to who made songs with every single top artist?

“People are chasing that today and they can beat it, they can beat the record, but there’s no one person who went from Kanye [West], Nicki [Minaj], Lil Wayne, Drake — everyone who’s important from SoundCloud. Like it was supposed to be a joke.”


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