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Remy Ma & Eazy The Block Captain Cheating Rumors Stoked By Audio Leak Leave a comment


Remy Ma has been in the hot seat ever since she was accused of cheating on her husband Papoose, and newly leaked audio has now revived rumors of her fling.

On Monday (December 25), battle rapper John John Da Don went head-to-head in a bout with Eazy The Block Captain, who is believed to have had an affair with Chrome 23 boss.

Prior to the Christmas Day event, John John shared a since-deleted audio clip on Instagram that he claimed was of Eazy. The man in it seemingly confirms the affair, though its validity is still in question.

“Yo we was fucking with each other,” a person believed to be Eazy could be heard saying. “She was cheating on [inaudible] such and such, whatever happened […] I should have known, me being in fucking New York. Me being at Rem jawn, I know I’m fucking his bitch. I knew this n-gga should have been plotting on me because I would have been doing the same thing.”

In the comments section of the audio post, Eazy The Block Captain responded: “You really dropped an edited recording on me.” It is worth noting that even though he disputed the legitimacy of the post, he never denied that the voice in it was his.

Check out the audio below:

Cracks in Remy Ma and Papoose’s seemingly idyllic relationship first began to appear over the summer, when the latter reportedly confronted Eazy The Block Captain at a Chrome 23 event and knocked him out for getting “too cozy” with his wife.

The Terror Squad veteran, however, immediately denied the claims on Twitter, writing: “Can y’all pleasee STOP with the Eazy & Pap LIES.”

Soon after, blogger Tasha K added fuel to the rumors by sharing an alleged photo of Remy and Eazy on what was framed as a “date.”

In late September, a representative of Eazy named Nicole Sabrina addressed the ordeal and said that he is currently looking for an outlet to tell his side of the story.

Remy Ma Posts Cryptic Message About Keeping 'Secrets' Amid Recent Drama

Remy Ma Posts Cryptic Message About Keeping ‘Secrets’ Amid Recent Drama

“Eazy did not and does not want to profit from an interview, he only wanted to release a statement telling his side of the story,” she wrote. “I love our media and blog partners, and understand they have a duty to report the latest information on trending topics, but any blog outlet reporting anything different is not the whole truth.”

That same day, her client posted a now-deleted Instagram Story suggesting that all questions about his drama will soon be cleared up as he wrote: “If it’s not me, nobody speaks on my behalf. There’s a lot of rumors out there that I will address very soon.”

Just last month, Remy and Eazy were spotted together at a Philadelphia Eagles game, raising more questions regarding the status of her marriage.


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