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Rick Ross Fires Back At ‘Fat’ Critic Over $3M Fake Watch Claim Leave a comment


Rick Ross has hit back at a watch critic who claimed the rapper’s $3 million Audemars Piguet was fake.

In a recent Instagram video, watch expert Nico Leonard van der Host contested Ross’ boast that his luxury watch was worth over $3 million.

van der Horst said in the clip: “Rick Ross, bro, I just made a video about your insane green AP. Unfortunately, it’s fake. Why are you flaunting fake watches? There’s only one of these watches in the world at 41 mil and there’s another one at 37.

“There’s more coming in the future but because of the complexity and the difficulty to find these stones, there’s currently only one in the world. Can you explain me this, Rick Ross?”

He continued: “Why is there a photo here with my name, Nico Leonard, and the photo of that exact watch? That’s the real deal and you have a fake. The real owner sent me this photo and you have a fake watch.

“Why are you flaunting a fake watch and saying that watch is worth $3.25 million, man? I thought you had to be an example for the youth etc. Mate, load of balls, get your act together. This is pathetic.”

In a separate post, the watch expert posted an up-close image of the timepiece along with the message: “Hey @richforever, This is how a REAL Royal Oak Looks like.”

Rick Ross fired back at Nico Leonard in a video posted to his Instagram Stories on Monday (March 11), mocking the watch expert’s weight.

“For the little fat guy in the one-cubicle office speaking on watches, speaking on Rick Ross and his Audemars, it’s unbelievable isn’t it, fat guy? Little piglet,” he said.

Rick Ross Flexes Multi-Million Dollar Watch Collection — Including Gift From Dr. Dre

Rick Ross Flexes Multi-Million Dollar Watch Collection — Including Gift From Dr. Dre

“Oh, those emeralds are so rare. It would be so hard for a Black man to obtain such a rare timepiece. It’s a simple feat for a boss. Now, stay out of grown folks’ business, little piglet. You on Rozay dick.”

Ross then proceeded to give his social media followers a brief tour of his luxury car collection while repeatedly calling the watch expert a “piglet,” even though he was making donkey noises.

The MMG mogul did not specifically deny that his watch is fake, though.

The watch in question was first shown during a showcase of Rick Ross’ watches by Robb Report.

The video, which was uploaded to YouTube in January, introduced the watch as an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Selfwinding Emerald.

Rozay said of the watch: “This is an AP that I’m rocking. Coolest one that I refer to as green pepper. Green emeralds, green stones,” while an on-screen graphic said it retailed for $3.25 million.


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