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Saweetie Reflects On Execs’ ‘Lazy Marketing’ Suggestions Early On Leave a comment


Saweetie blew up quickly in 2018 with her “ICY GRL” freestyle, and music executives had some “lazy” marketing ideas to keep the buzz going at the time.

Talking to Allure amid the release of her newest single “Richtivities,” the Bay Area native recalled the lackluster advice from her early career days.

“I was told I should twerk more on my Instagram,” she said. “I was told that my voice was very boring. I was told that I rapped too monotone and needed more energy. I was told that I needed to share more of my life on the internet.”

She continued: “I’m going to twerk when I want to. That’s not going to be my marketing. And if that’s what you truly love to do, then empower yourself through that. But that’s not innate to me. If I get caught at a party or if I’m turning up, okay, cool. But I’m not finna do that because you guys think I should. That’s lazy marketing.”

Moving forward, not too much has changed within marketing plans, but Saweetie is remaining true to her artistry above all else.

“Everything now just feels like, ‘Make it go viral, go viral, go viral,’” she added. “Okay, cool, go viral. But if your only intention is numbers, what about the art or the reason why we’re here today?”

Not everyone is a fan of her artistry, however.

Upon dropping the new single last Friday (February 23), a fan responded to a post about “Richtivities” by writing: “I wish she’d be a model or sum….”

In a quote tweet of the above comment, she shared a clip from last month’s “Immortal Freestyle” where she raps: “I know y’all bitches wish I would go model, but damn.”

When another fan posted, “Saweetie is so gorgeous she should just be a model,” the California native replied with a concise “no.”

Saweetie Sparks YG Reunion Speculation With 'Spin The Block' Caption & New Luxury Car

Saweetie Sparks YG Reunion Speculation With ‘Spin The Block’ Caption & New Luxury Car

Despite her commitment to music, the 30-year-old rapper and singer has received tons of praise for her fashion. Last year, she made it into the Grammy Museum for her contributions to the aesthetics of Hip Hop, as her nails were honored by the institution.

Last October, the hitmaker shared a clip of her and nail artist Temeka Jackson showing off their very own display item at the Los Angeles building.

The installment exhibiting the blinged-out nails supplemented with a write-up that reads: “The use of bespoke jewelry, nail piercings, and bamboo hoops have long been a foundation of fashion and hip hop style. But the creative collaboration of celebrity nail artist Temeka Jackson and Bay Area rapper Saweetie has taken nails to stunning new heights.”


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