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Is it a caravan camper trailer? Is it a boat? Does it have an electric motor? A Turkish company called Sealvans is blending the lines of recreational mobility, designing and selling trailer boat combos that deliver a hybrid mix of travel by land and sea. Check them out.

Sealvans was founded in 2020 in Bursa, Turkey, by a team of engineers whose combined experience totals over 50 years in the automotive ands maritime segments. Built upon the idea of offering customers the freedom to have a home to inhabit in every bay, forest, city, or country, Sealvans took a unique design approach – amphibious caravan trailers that can double as a boat.

That quest began with the construction of two separate prototype models – a 4.2 meter (~14 feet) trailer boat and a 7.5 meter (~24.5 feet) version. By the summer of 2022, Sealvans had completed the builds alongside their respect R&D studies, paving the way (by road and sea) for a start of production and sales operations.

Today, Sealvans offers both trailer boat combos with a slew of customizable options, including an all-electric powertrain. Here are some images of the Seal 7.50M:

Sealvans to “break the limits” with trailer boat combos

As you’ll be able to see in the video from Sealvans below, its unique hybrid blend of caravan trailer and boat gives customers to tow their fifth wheel and camp out anywhere. Or, if the lake or sea beckons, those owners can back in, unhitch, and go for a cruise on the water.

The larger of the two Seal trailer boats rides on two centrally located axles for land as part of a galvanized Al-co chassis, offering a transport capacity of 3,000kg (6,600 lbs). Its exterior features EU homologated galaxy dark-glazed glass and a panoramic windshield. There is also an optional collapsible sunroof.

For trips out on the water, the Seal features monoblock marine technology as an outer fiber around the entire vessel as well as stainless chrome accents throughout. The interior features artificial or genuine teak all around and all the necessities like an electric burner hob, an 18-liter fridge, and a two-compartment gas oven. Telescopic tables make room for shock-absorbing bed legs and orthopedic mattresses – one single and one double. The water-resistant bathroom comes equipped with a shower stall and marine-grade pump toilet.

While the trailer boat seen in the images and video is powered by a Honda gas motor, Sealvans does offer all-electric options, which include two inboard DC Pod Drive motors, an 8,960 Wh battery, and a 30Ah charger.

We’ve asked Sealvans for details on pricing and performance specs of the electric versions of the trailer boats, but have yet to hear back. As of June 2023, the Seal 4.50 started at an MSRP of 28,000 euros ($30,380) and the 7.50 cost 58,500 euros ($63,500) before any add-ons or additional options. While we await a response, here’s a video of the Seal in action on both land and water:

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