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Serena Williams Shows Off Daughter’s Love For Soulja Boy Leave a comment


Serena Williams’ six-year-old daughter Alexis Olympia Ohanian, Jr. seems to be quite the Soulja Boy fan.

In a clip posted to social media over the weekend, Williams is heard helping her daughter practice simple spelling words. For each word she announces, the tennis legend offers a pop culture reference as a sentence in which the word can be used, for context.

When she says the word, “this,” Olympia immediately responds, “This right here is myswag,” copying the exact cadence of the first line from Soulja Boy’s 2010 hit, “Pretty Boy Swag.

At one point in the spelling quiz, Williams gives context to the word “from,” with the sentence, “Where you learn how to twerk from?”; at which point her little girl asks innocently, “Twerk?,” while her father is heard saying, “I don’t think I know that word, mom.”

Adorable Williams/Ohanian family fun aside, Soulja Boy’s other recent online interactions have been far from wholesome.

On an episode of Open Thoughts that went live on Tuesday (December 12), Blueface declared that he can go hit-for-hit with anyone in Hip Hop and come out on top. Host Funny Marco responded to this by naming Young Draco as a formidable competitor.

While the Los Angeles rapper responded with a simple shout out, Soulja Boy subsequently took to social media to establish his dominance.

“You gon’ perform ‘bust down Thotiana’ five times in a row? Cut it out, n-gga,” Soulja said during an Instagram Live stream on Friday (December 15), before alluding to some of his biggest hits. “Don’t make me go into the vault and start pulling shit out with Bow Wow and shit. N-gga what?”

Soulja Boy U-Turns On J. Cole Slander After Nicki Minaj Steps In: 'My Bad Dawg'

Soulja Boy U-Turns On J. Cole Slander After Nicki Minaj Steps In: ‘My Bad Dawg’

Blueface, in true Blueface fashion, then took to Twitter and wrote: “I hit yah Bm already soulja boy ask her who perform better hit for hit.”

A few hours later, he added: “I’m so glad my Bm ain’t going like that you see how fast that man shut up [laughing emoji] fastest way to a n-gga heart is thru his Bm pussy.”

Earlier in the week, the “Crank That” rapper had a similar social media spat after trolling Charleston White for getting into an altercation while on stage during a live show.

White’s performance at a Christmas celebration in Texas — which saw him get into it with a person in the audience after launching a plant at the heckler.

“Oh shit,” Soulja Boy said with a laugh during a recent Instagram Live session while rewatching the brawl. “No, they tapping his stupid ass. Ay, why they just beat Charleston White’s stupid-ass up? How you get beat up at your own show, crazy man? … Stupid-ass n-gga.”

The controversial internet personality wasn’t having any of it from Big Draco and blasted Soulja Boy in a graphic Instagram Live rant on Sunday (December 10).

“I remember what I’ve done to you. You had your chance, Soulja Boy,” White said from his car. “I just want to remind you Soulja Boy, I shot a load on your face. I shot a load in your face. I’m talking it was all in your mouth.”


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