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Sexyy Red Banned From High School For Smelling Like Weed Leave a comment


St. Louis, MO – 

Sexyy Red was denied entry into a high school for smelling like weed, but she didn’t let the setback blow her high.

On Wednesday (April 3), the “Pound Town” rapper shared a series of videos on her Instagram Stories detailing her experience attempting to speak to students at a high school in her hometown of St. Louis.

“Look, so this school, I came up here, got cute, tried to talk to the kids, give ’em the word of the day and they gonna put me off tell me I smell like weed,” Sexyy explained.

She continued by taking a jab at those who turned her away. “Bitch, you’re nobody, they ain’t come to see you, Otis! Bitch, you heard who they’re screaming for.”

In a separate video shared by an Instagram user who was present, Red is seen stood on top of a car and turning up outside the school where she was denied.

The “SkeeYee” star raps along to her latest single “Get It Sexyy” while a group of excited students chant the song’s chorus in unison.

The viral moment comes amid news of potential second collaboration between Sexyy Red and Nicki Minaj.

Earlier this week, the Young Money hitmaker hinted at dropping a remix of her Pink Friday 2 hit “FTCU” with a little help from the red-haired rookie.

Sexyy Red Responds To Backlash Over 'Inappropriate' High School Performance

Sexyy Red Responds To Backlash Over ‘Inappropriate’ High School Performance

“You got your verse for #FTCU? Finna drop the remix,” Nicki tweeted at Sexyy. “Left #PoundTown to go #FTCU.”

Referring to their previous collaboration, last year’s “Pound Town 2,” she added: “a remix for a remix ?????”

Nicki previously teased an “FTCU” remix earlier this year featuring a male rapper handling guest verse duties.

“If there were a male rapper featured on the 3rd verse of “FTCU,” who would be your guess? #PinkFriday2,” she wrote back in January.

It is unclear if Nicki still plans on reworking the song with a male artist.


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