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Sexyy Red Shares Response To DDG Calling Her A ‘Top 5 Female Rapper’ Leave a comment


Sexyy Red has shared a self-aware response to DDG’s declaration that she’s a ‘top 5 female rapper.’

After the YouTuber and rapper posted the statement to X (formerly Twitter), the St. Louis-bred MC responded with a quote-tweet on Wednesday (March 20).

She wrote: “Dey not gon like you fa dis one [two crying laughter emojis].”

DDG’s initial post read: “sexyy redd top 5 female rapper of all time.”

It seems as if Sexyy’s prognostication was correct, as fans sounded off in the comments beneath DDG’s post.

One user wrote: “Tf she ain’t my top 50.” Another added: “This is what happens when you legalize weed.” A third user concluded: “this is why nobody takes you seriously.”

Whether or not she’s top five, plenty of rappers in the game have been impressed by Sexyy Red.

Earlier this week, Chief Keef shared his thoughts on working with the “SkeeYee” rapper, having noted that he relates to her on a number of levels.

In an interview with Billboard News, the Chicago legend spoke about the rising Midwest MC from backstage at Rolling Loud LA.

Asked by interviewer Tetris Kelly what he believed was the reason, “people go so crazy for Sexyy Red,” Keef’s response was simple: “She just … you could tell she really just come from where we come from.”

Elsewhere in the interview, the “Love Sosa” rapper reflected on why he works so well with the “Get it Sexyy” spitter.

He explained: “Shit. I just know she fuck with me real heavy. I fuck with her too. Saying she wants to come through and I said ‘hell fucking yeah.’”

Sexyy Red Projected to Secure Her Highest Rank On Hot 100 Tally With 'Get It Sexyy'

Sexyy Red Projected to Secure Her Highest Rank On Hot 100 Tally With ‘Get It Sexyy’

Back at the end of 2023, the duo joined forces with to make an even bigger deal out of Sexyy’s massive “Bow Bow Bow (F My Baby Dad).”

The track was originally released as part of the extended edition of Hood Hottest Princes in December of 2023.

In addition to Sexyy Red’s catchy hook — “Fuck my baby dad, fuck my baby dad/ I’m a fine-ass bitch, I ain’t in the house sad” — the Chicago icon added his own flavor to the joint.

Bae you know Chief  So’ your daddy, come and grill your bitch ass/ I told bae, “You leave me, I’m puttin’ a round in your ass,” he raps.


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