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Tesla comes back to Facebook, sending cash into Zuck’s pocket Leave a comment


Tesla has made a return to Facebook after leaving 6 years ago and even started to buy ads on the platform – sending money into Zuckerberg’s pockets.

Back in 2018, Elon Musk made Tesla deleted its Facebook page, which had millions of followers, amid the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

Tesla ended up keeping its Instagram page, but the rivalry between Musk and Zuckerberg ramped up after the former bought Twitter, now X.

Musk went as far as literally trying to fight Zuckerberg with a ridiculous proposal.

Tesla’s exit from Facebook came into focus in recent months as the automaker started spending more money on Musk’s X and focusing its social media efforts on the platform, which is much less popular than Zuckerberg’s social media platforms.

It became even more problematic as Tesla started to spend money to adverse on X.

For years, Musk has famously said that he despises advertising. He said that Tesla doesn’t pay or provide discounts for celebrities to drive its cars and that the automaker doesn’t pay to advertise – though we have seen exceptions before.

Last year, Tesla started advertising for the first time with some Google and Youtube ads.

There were doubts about Tesla advertising on X due to conflicts of interest with Musk, but Tesla went ahead with its first X ads last month.

Tesla was criticized for buying ads on X, which even Musk admitted was “preaching to the quire”, while staying away from all of Zuckerberg’s social platforms, which have a proven bigger reach.

But Tesla has now relaunched its Facebook page and started to pay to promote posts on the platform:

Instagram users are also reporting seeing Tesla ads on the app, which is also new for the automaker.

It’s the first time Tesla is advertising on ‘Meta’ platforms, and it now expanded Tesla’s advertising effort to all the biggest ad spaces on the web.

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