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Tesla Cybertruck just had its first real world crash Leave a comment


A Tesla Cybertruck had a real-world crash for the first time as people try to determine the level of safety of the electric pickup truck.

With its (sort of) exoskeleton, stainless steel body exterior, and novel shape, people in the industry have been trying to understand how those features are going to affect the Cybertruck’s level of safety.

Tesla claims that it will be industry-leading, like its other vehicles, but that has yet to be confirmed by third-party testing.

In the meantime, the vehicle is already on the roads and just had its first crash.

The accident happened yesterday in Palo Alto and involved a Toyota Corolla and a brand-new Cybertruck.

According to a report from the California Highway Patrol, the driver of the Corolla lost control and went into the Cybertruck’s lane, crashing into it:

Our preliminary investigation indicates a Toyota Corolla was traveling south on SR-35 southbound, south of Page Mill Road, at an unknown speed, when the driver, for unknown reasons, turned to the right and subsequently struck a dirt embankment on the right shoulder. The Toyota then re-entered the roadway, crossed over the double yellow lines into the northbound lane, and crashed into a Tesla Cybertruck traveling north on SR-35 northbound.

The only reported injury was a minor one to the driver, who declined transportation to the hospital.

That’s a good sign for the Cybertruck’s safety, considering there were three people in the vehicle.

However, the Cybertruck is much heavier than the Toyota and would be expected to fare better in a collision like that.

A dashcam video of the aftermath shows that the Cybertruck received significant damage on the driver’s side:

I already see Tesla fans praising the Cybertruck for its safety in the accident and the other way around for Tesla haters, but the truth is that it’s hard to evaluate the Cybertruck’s level of safety purely based on the little footage of the aftermath that we have now.

That said, I am sure we will start to learn a lot more in the new year.

Interestingly, it doesn’t look like there’s a “Foundation Series” etching on the Cybertruck, which could mean that this is an employee vehicle. That would be good for Tesla, which could acquire the unit and study it as a real-world crash test vehicle.

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