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Tesla Cybertruck turns into a tank with massive snow tracks Leave a comment


Tesla Cybertruck is often described as a tank, but it now literally comes a lot closer to one with these massive snow tracks.

When Elon Musk first talked about the Cybertruck, he described it as an “armored personnel carrier from the future” and a “tank inspired by Blade Runner”.

The stainless steel exterior does invoke a tank or armored vehicle. The only thing missing is tracks instead of wheels.

A bunch of mechanics fixed that.

Dave Sparks, better known as Heavy D Sparks, has unveiled a Cybertruck with massive snow tracks:

The fact that the large snow tracks virtually have the same shape of the Cybertruck gives the vehicle an interesting look:

Sparks hasn’t posted the full video, so there’s a lot we don’t know about the Cybertruck with snow tracks yet.

Tesla has reportedly helped Sparks with the project. He said:

Huge thanks to the folks at Tesla for being so cool and supportive of this project. They have helped us with many tech questions and other random stuff that has really boosted my overall opinion of the company.

I am particularly interested in the energy consumption of this thing. I know it’s for fun and certainly not for efficiency, but it’s still interesting.

If you thought that the Cybertruck towing test results were bad, wait until you see the power consumption of this thing. I would be pleasantly surprised if it can cover more than 50 miles with these tracks.

But I have to admit, it does look cool.

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