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Tesla Cybertruck’s ‘armor glass’ stops break-in attempt caught on sentry mode Leave a comment


Tesla Cybertruck’s “armor glass” has managed to stop a break-in attempt caught on camera by the vehicle’s Sentry Mode.

We all laughed when Tesla had its broken window mishap at the original Cybertruck unveiling in 2019.

The incident involved Elon Musk asking Tesla Chief Designer Franz von Holzhausen to throw a steel ball at the Cybertruck’s back window in an attempt to demonstrate what they called “armor glass”.

The glass broke – creating a viral moment:

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Despite the mishap, which you could argue was positive for Tesla as it brought even more attention to the electric truck, Tesla has decided to keep its “armor glass” as a feature on the production version.

It recreated the moment during the production version unveiling, but Tesla used a baseball instead of a steel ball.

Now, the automaker markets the Cybertruck’s “armor glass” like this:

“Armor glass can resist the impact of a baseball at 70 mph or class 4 hail. Acoustic glass helps make the cabin as quiet as outer space.”

Well, I’ll tell you who is not laughing now: thieves.

Today, we get an example of Cybertruck’s “armor glass” actually being useful. A Tesla Cybertruck owner parked their truck in Oakland, where Sentry Mode caught a thief attempting to break into the vehicle by breaking the glass:

It looks like a team of professional thieves using a tool to break glass, but they weren’t able to break the window.

It’s pretty funny. You can see the thief being surprised that his tool didn’t work.

For his troubles, he jumped on the Cybertruck and scratched the windows using his tool, but at least he couldn’t get inside the vehicle.

Hopefully, this gets around, and thieves won’t even try to get into the Cybertruck anymore – attacking as a deterrent, just like Sentry Mode did before.

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