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Tesla has helped a cancer patient and Cybertruck reservation holder get his electric pickup sooner – going against its own policy.

According to Elon Musk, Tesla has a strict policy of not giving people preferential treatment when it comes to delivering new models sooner or at a discount.

That has been questioned lately as a bunch of celebrities were spotted in early Cybertrucks, but now we get a confirmed example of Tesla accelerating a delivery for a customer – though I don’t think anyone is going to criticize that one, and for good reasons.

A Cybertruck reservation holder going by Michael posted on the Cybertruck Owners Club about his unfortunate situation. He is a self-described “Tesla loyalist” who was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, and he was concerned that he could die before getting his Cybertruck.

He posted about his situation on the forum in the hope that someone could help him accelerate his delivery:

I am rn 112956xxxx. (Vista) CA. Diagnosed with stage 4 cancer last year. In a clinical trial which is helping. Be nice if I could move up to even a FS order. Hoping to experience the CT in case I don’t hang around long enough for the delivery projection. Tesla loyalist with M3, Solar and 2 Powerwalls customer. Sometimes making requests can help.

Michael received many different messages from forum members offering help or encouragement, and eventually, word got to Tesla.

He shared this update:

To all the super kind Cybertruckers. I want to share that Tesla stepped up incredibly well for me. Without sharing too much I will soon have a purchased delivery of my own.

That was on March 1st.

Yesterday, Michael confirmed that Tesla delivered his Cybertruck, and the automaker not only accelerated the delivery, but made quite a nice event out of it – bringing three other Cybertrucks to the delivery:

“Our new beast arrived, plus support from a Rose Gold, a Black, and another Stainless Cybertruck. They made a grand entrance, filled the driveway, and were there to address any new needs or concerns questions for as long as we wished.”

He shared a few pictures of the delivery:

Kudos to Tesla for breaking the rule for the best reason possible.

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