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Tesla Model 3 Ludicrous spotted being filmed for promo Leave a comment


A new Tesla Model 3 Performance, likely a new ‘Ludicrous’, has been spotted being filmed for what appears to be a promotional video.

For the last few months, we have been reporting on the exciting possibility of Tesla launching a new Model 3 Performance.

When Tesla launched the new Model 3 with an updated design last year, the automaker only brought back the RWD Standard Range and Dual Motor Long Range versions of Model 3. The Model 3 Performance, which had been in the lineup for years, was gone.

We have been spotting Model 3 Perofrmance test vehicles with camouflage for months, but we have been able to confirm that they are Performance versions of the Model 3 due to the bigger brake calipers.

More recently, the Model 3 Performance prototypes were also spotted with new sport seats.

Now, a new Model 3 Performance was spotted, this time without camouflage for the first time, at what appears to be a promotional video shoot in Valencia, Spain:

This particular Model 3 Performance could be actually called a Model 3 ‘Ludicrous’ as it appears to feature a ‘Ludicrous badge’, which was previously used for Model S Performance vehicles before it became a ‘Plaid’.

The previous version of the vehicle was physically almost identical to two other trims. Tesla would basically put bigger brakes, slap a spoiler on the Model 3 Dual Motor, and unlock some more performance.

But this upcoming new version of the Model 3 Performance looks like it will have more hardware upgrade with the front bumper being different, new seats, new wheels, spoiler, and potentially more performance.

We don’t know when Tesla plans to launch the new Model 3 Performance/Ludicrous refresh, but it should be soon if they are now filming promotional videos.

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