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Tesla partners on new solar solution expected to slash rooftop solar costs Leave a comment


Tesla has partnered with IronRidge, a solar mount manufacturer, to combine their products into a solution that’s expected to slash rooftop solar costs.

Improvements in solar power technology are not just about solar panels and inverters.

A lot of the cost of a solar system is linked to design, installation, mounting equipment, and more. If you can reduce those costs, you can reduce the overall cost of residential solar power.

Now, a new solution by IronRidge and Tesla is expected to help do that.

IronRidge, a solar mounting equipment manufacturer, announced that its latest mounting system combined with Tesla Mid-Circuit Interrupter (MCI) received UL 3741 certification:

The IronRidge XR Flush Mount System is now listed to UL 3741 with Tesla equipment. This allows for system design on residential roofs (up to 600V) without the use of Module-Level Power Electronics, which reduces material, installation, and service costs. Refer to the Installation Addendum for detailed instructions for compliance.

This enables solar installations to have a rapid shutdown system (RSD) without module-level power electronics.

IronRidge explains how its system works with Tesla solar equipment:

The IronRidge XR Flush Mount system is listed to UL 3741 with Tesla’s MCI-1 string isolation device (SID) in combination with either a Tesla PV Inverter, Powerwall+, or Powerwall 3 Power Conversion System (PCS). Guidance on system configuration with Tesla equipment is outlined in the UL 3741 Installation Addendum, available on the IronRidge website.

The company believes that it will “dramatically lower component count, leading to higher reliability and reduced service costs.”

Electrek’s Take

This does sound like an interesting idea that could indeed make some installations less complicated and, therefore, less costly.

Tesla’s solar prices were already super competitive in some markets, but the company has greatly slowed down its own installations.

Now, it primarily works with other solar installers and tries to sell its own solar ecosystem powered by things like Powerwall, solar roofs, its solar inverter, and now this new solution.

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