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Tyga & Blac Chyna Imposing NDA With $500K Fine For Son’s Baptism Leave a comment


Tyga and Blac Chyna have reportedly imposed some draconian restrictions on the guests who plan to attend their son’s baptism.

According to Page Six, the alleged NDA — which was sent out to prospective attendees on Wednesday (December 27) — forbids guests from “taking pictures (still or moving) and sharing anything on social media,” per the outlet.

What’s more, King Cairo’s parents also have the right to inspect all electronic devices and confiscate them if there are any photos of the event on the phone. Guests are also not allowed to disparage the “Rack City” rapper, and anyone caught violating the agreement may be subjected to a penalty of $500,000.

While banding together in these efforts to protect their only son seem a bit extreme, it’s a notable change from the former couple’s previously rancorous custody arrangement, which was recently settled after months of battling.

Earlier this month, TMZ reported that the former couple have finally settled their custody dispute over 11-year-old King Cairo. Inside sources told the outlet that the two have managed to reach an “amicable arrangement,” even though the rapper won’t be paying any child support.

The parents, who dated from 2011 until 2014, will share joint legal and physical custody of their son, with an equal say in his health, education, and general welfare. Tyga will be taking care of Cairo from Tuesday to Thursday, and his ex will get the remainder of the week.

Kylie Jenner Testifies Tyga Was Slashed By Ex Blac Chyna During Dispute

Kylie Jenner Testifies Tyga Was Slashed By Ex Blac Chyna During Dispute

Furthermore, neither of them are allowed to badmouth the other during their time with the kid, with the court ordering them to sign up for a program that will keep tabs on their joint parenting decisions.

Tyga and Chyna’s custody battle has been going on for quite some time. The reality star, however, recently claimed that it could have been resolved a long time ago had the pair just sat down for a conversation.

“For the first four years of Kingy’s life, I had him Monday through Friday,” she said. “And then that’s when I had became pregnant with Dream [her daughter with Robert Kardashian Jr.]. And it was like, the school and [being] pregnant and [in] a new relationship — it was a lot for me. So then that’s when our schedules had changed.”

She continued: “You [Tyga] have obviously more money than me. Why can’t we just settle this stuff outside of court, like [by] talking to you? He didn’t wanna do that, so now I have to go to court.

“We just both don’t need this. … The whole world’s watching, and it’s like, ‘We could’ve just had a conversation, man.’”


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