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UK Rapper Digga D Livestreams Police Raiding His Home Leave a comment


London, UK – 

UK rapper Digga D had his home raided by police this week and he streamed the incident live on Instagram.

In the early hours of Wednesday morning (February 21), armed police appeared to smash their way into the 23-year-old’s building while he was streaming to fans.

“What do you lot want? Oi, what do you lot want, bruv?” he can be heard saying in the clip. “I’m here! I am here! Stop! What are you lot doing?!”

He continued: “I am on the floor. What are you lot doing? Stop, man. I am coming. Why are you lot doing that?”

An officer could then he heard shouting: “Armed police!” to which Digga D replied: “Yes, I heard you.”

He was then told to “come to the front door with his hands up.”

A spokesperson for the Metropolitan Police confirmed the incident in a statement to NME.

“On Wednesday February 21, officers carried out a warrant at a residential address in Lincolnshire under Section 23 of the Misuse of Drugs Act,” the statement read.

“A 23-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of being concerned in the supply of drugs. He remains in custody. Enquiries continue. ”

Digga D (real name Rhys Herbert) has been plagued with legal issues throughout his burgeoning career.

His viral “Next Up?” freestyle was removed from YouTube in 2018 upon request by the police after it garnered over 11 million views, with officers claiming it was inciting violence.

That same year, he was convicted of conspiracy to commit violent disorder after members of his 1011 crew were arrested with machetes while allegedly en route to attack a rival group, despite claims they were filming a music video.

UK Drill Rapper Convicted Of Murdering Rival After Bragging About Killing In Music Video

UK Drill Rapper Convicted Of Murdering Rival After Bragging About Killing In Music Video

Digga D was also placed under a criminal behavior order (CBO), a modern version of the anti-social behavior order (ASBO).

Terms of the order restricted where he could go, who he could meet and what he could talk about in his lyrics, requiring him to submit lyrics to the police within 24 hours of releasing them in a song.

Another spell in prison saw him getting stabbed in the eye after being recalled for breaching his CBO.

Despite all this, Digga D has continued to remain a force in the UK rap scene. His mixtape Noughty by Nature reached No. 1 on the UK Albums Chart in 2022, while 2021’s Made in the Pyrex and 2023’s also cracked the top 10.

He has also achieved a number of hits on the UK Singles Chart with “Bringing It Back” at No. 5, “Wasted” at No. 6 and “Pump 101” at No. 9.

Across the pond, he’s collaborated with U.S. rappers such as Moneybagg Yo and B-Lovee.


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