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Volkswagen wants electric ID GTI hot hatch in the US at $25,000 Leave a comment


It looks like Volkswagen may bring the electric hot hatch to the US after all. Even better, Volkswagen wants to launch the electric ID. GTI with starting prices between $20,000 and $25,000.

Volkswagen wants a $25,000 electric ID. GTI in the US

After Rivian’s CEO RJ Scaringe shocked the industry by revealing its rally-inspired R3 electric crossover, Volkswagen looks to steal the spotlight. The EV is even smaller and cheaper than the Rivian R2, which starts at $45,000.

Volkswagen Group America CEO Pablo Di Si believes the German automaker can match it. Di Si sees the electric ID. GTI hot hatch, revealed as a concept by Volkswagen last September, can find a market in the US.

However, as Di Si explained, the hot hatch EV would need to be at the right price point, which he says is between $20,000 and $25,000.

“It would make sense if we hit the right price points,” Di Si said during VW’s annual media conference.

The ID. GTI is based on VW’s affordable ID. 2 electric car, revealed last March (also as a concept). Starting under $27,000 (25,000 euros), the ID. 2 is based on an entry-level version of its MEB platform, offering up to 279 miles range.

Volkswagen electric ID GTI hot hatch concept (Source: Volkswagen AG)

VW brand leader Thomas Shafer confirmed the company would begin producing its even cheaper ID. 1 in 2027. It will start at about $21,700 (20,000 euros).

An electric Volkswagen hot hatch in the US?

At around $20,000, the ID. GTI would be Volkswagen’s most affordable EV in the US by far. The 2023 ID.4 starts at $38,995 (although VW is offering up to $13,000 off with a new lease deal), while the upgraded 2024 model gets a $740 price hike.

Thomas Schafer, CEO VW Brand, Oliver Blume, CEO VW Group with the ID. GTI Concept (Source: Volkswagen AG)

The ID.4 was the fifth best-selling EV in the US last year, with nearly 38,000 models sold. Meanwhile, an electric ID. GTI, starting at $25,000, could help boost sales as a volume model.

“My wish is that [$25,000] price point,” Di Si said, explaining, “If we cannot go to the 25, then it will be more of a niche product.”

However, nothing is set in stone. “Do we have a plan? Not yet,” Di Si said, “but it is on our radar.”

Volkswagen electric ID GTI hot hatch concept interior (Source: Volkswagen AG)

The electric Volkswagen ID. GTI concept “shows for the first time how the GTI label is being transferred to the age of electric mobility.” A production version, based on the MEB platform, is expected to roll out “by 2027 at the latest.”

The EV is inspired by the original GTI from 1976, with a modern upgrade for the new era.

Electrek’s Take

Despite several rivals, including Ford, GM, and Mercedes-Benz, scaling back EV plans, Volkswagen reaffirmed its targets during its annual media conference.

Volkswagen was the eighth best-selling EV brand in the US last year, with around 3.2% of the market. Although sales were up, VW was still behind rivals BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Hyundai.

The automaker expects growth to continue in the US with the longer-range ID.4 and the launch of two new EVs, the ID.7 and ID Buzz.

However, neither EV is expected to be a volume seller. Volkswagen confirmed plans to launch a larger electric SUV, but the ID. GTI hot hatch could be the volume seller they are looking for. Especially with starting prices around $20,000 to $25,000.

What do you guys think? Would you buy the VW electric ID GTI hot hatch for $25,000? Let us know in the comments.

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