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Volkswagen looks to launch a sleek electric sports car based on the iconic Scirocco coupe. The VW Scirocco EV sports car is poised to adopt a unique platform designed for the upcoming electric Porsche Boxster.

The first VW Scirocco was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show in 1974. Designed by Giorgio Giugiaro, known for his work on the first Golf, the 2+2 seater was the first VW badged coupe with FWD.

Volkswagen claims thanks to FWD, the Scirocco blazer a path for an affordable, fuel-efficient sports car.

The top GTI trim, introduced in 1976, featured 108 hp (81 kW) and a larger front spoiler. A GLi version offered a luxury take on the sporty coupe. Over 500,000 models were sold globally up until 1981.

In 1981, the Scirocco II began rolling out. It was based on the Golf 1 platform, extending the car’s length and providing more interior space with softer overall design lines.

Over 795,000 models were sold over 18 years, with production ending in September 1992. VW pulled the plug as the Scirocco competed with the better-selling Golf. However, in 2008, VW launched the third-generation model with major upgrades and more power in a mid-2014 update.

Volkswagen Scirocco (Source: VW)

VW Scirocco set for comeback as a sporty EV coupe

It looks like the Scirocco will make another comeback, this time as an all-electric sports car. The VW Scirocco EV is part of a four-way electric sports car project that includes the Porsche Boxster/Cayman, Audi TT, and Cupra Dark Rebel, a “high-ranking insider” told Autocar.

The new electric sports car will sit above VW’s next-gen ID.3, which is poised to wear the iconic Golf badge.

Second-generation Volkswagen ID.3 (Source: VW)

VW’s chief tech officer, Kai Grunitz, said the upcoming electric Golf will sit on the new SSP platform. Meanwhile, an adapted version of the PPE platform, designed for the electric Porsche Boxster, will underpin the VW Scirocco EV.

Full details have yet to be announced, but the report notes VW will likely offer several powertrain and trim options, including single-motor RWD and dual-motor AWD.

The new 2025 Porsche Taycan (Source: Porsche)

Like the J1 powering the Porsche Taycan and Audi E-tron GT, the platform will provide a low-riding sporty silhouette.

Rumors suggest VW has designed the battery within the center tunnel, behind the cabin, in a Boxster-like layout.

Porsche debuted the idea with its e-core layout in the Mission X concept. The layout “enables a low, driver-optimized seating position,” according to Porsche. It also helps center the vehicle’s weight for better agility – a key element for sports cars.

Porsche Mission X electric hypercar concept (Source: Porsche)

Designed for the Porsche Boxster’s convertible design, the platform is claimed to offer “extreme stiffness,” leading Audi to develop an electric TT.

Although nothing is set in stone, the base VW Scirocco EV is expected to feature around 300 hp, while the AWD version will pack over 400 hp. The dual-motor version could serve as a successor to the Scirocco R sold until 2017.

Volkswagen ID.3 (left) and ID.4 (right)

Initial designs were developed early last year as Adreas Mindt took over as head designer. Mindt, a former Bentley designer, mentioned the first Scirocco after unveiling plans for VW’s next-gen models.

Mindt claims the “Scirocco was among the first cars to use a sharp and low line to visually enhance the car.” The design “trick” results in more power and sporty style. “That’s the secret sauce that makes a car desirable, a stylish car that everyone wants to drive,” Mindt explained.

According to the source, the VW Scirocco EV will likely be launched by 2028. It’s just awaiting the green light from VW brand CEO Thomas Shafer.

What do you think? Would you buy a sporty electric Volkswagen Scirocco? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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