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The first mass-produced 900V drive system rolled off the production line Wednesday. Chinese EV maker NIO’s (NIO) “Thunder” 900V electric drive system (EDS) can add over 150 miles (255 km) with five-minute fast charge.

First mass-produced 900V EV drive system rolls out

NIO announced the milestone Wednesday after building its one-millionth EDS. NIO’s Porsche-rivaling ET9 premium EV will be the first to feature the new tech.

The ET9 was unveiled in December aimed at “the new generation of high-end business users.” NIO packed the luxury EV with its latest tech for a “perfect package of flagship-style exterior, spacious interior, immersive experience, efficient recharging.”

This includes the world’s first mass-produced 900V EV drive system with up to 925V, 600 kW peak power, and 765A peak charging.

NIO claims the electric motors in the front and rear are smaller and 30% lighter to improve efficiency. Meanwhile, the smaller units provide more interior space.

The ET9 will be the first to use a 925V W-Pin synchronous permanent magnet electric motor (340 kW peak power). At just 174 lbs (79 kg), the unit provides 4.3 kW/kg power density, which NIO claims is the highest among asynchronous induction EV motors. The front motor features 180 kW peak power with 2.6 kW/kg power density.

New flagship NIO ET9 premium EV (Source: NIO)

NIO’s new EDS also features a 1200V silicon carbide power module with 1315 kW/L power density. It can handle over 300,000 power cycles. The 900V EDS also boasts a liquid-cooling system that increases the motor’s peak continuous power by 20%.

NIO’s luxury ET9 EV is loaded with new tech

The ET9 will be integrated with over 100 NIO full-stack technologies. It will also feature NIO’s first five-nanometer auto-grade chip and large cylindrical battery cells.

NIO already opened ET9 pre-orders in China, with a starting price of $112,000 (800,000 yuan). It’s expected to rival luxury automakers like Porsche, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz.

At 5,325 mm (210″) long, 2,016 mm (79″) wide, and 1,620 mm (64″) tall, the ET9 will rival premium vehicles like the Porsche Panamera (205″ x 78″x 56″).

The ET9’s “Landjet” design opens up plenty of interior space with comfort, safety, and advanced tech. NIO filed 24 self-developed patents for the first-class rear seats alone.

With SkyRide active suspension, the ET9 includes independent control of all four wheels, enabling body adjustments like “shaking” shown in the video below.

NIO ET9 with SkyRide Active Suspension (Source: NIO)

NIO says the ET9 can be recharged in three minutes via battery swap or add 158 miles (255 m) with five-minute fast charging. Deliveries are expected to kick off in the first quarter of 2025.

The news comes as Chinese rival IM Motors revealed its new L6 EV will also utilize a 900V platform. According to IM Motors, it will include solid-state batteries with over 620 miles (1,000 km) range.

Source: CarNewsChina, NIO

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