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Xavier Wulf Accused Of Sexual & Domestic Abuse By Ex-Girlfriend Leave a comment


Xavier Wulf has been accused of several crimes by a woman who claims to have dated him a little over five years ago.

In a since-deleted Reddit post shared on Tuesday (March 12), a user named Gianyasami went into detail about being in an alleged abusive relationship with the Memphis rapper back in 2018 and how their time together was plagued with drug use, sexual assault, domestic violence and animal abuse, among other things.

“He would force me to do drugs with him & sometimes force me to do things sexually with him when I didn’t want too,” she claimed in the lengthy post. “When I didn’t want to do drugs with him or have sex with him or give him head he would force me.

“For Christmas he bought me a dog. Her name is Ramen… this man was so evil and unhinged that he would take his anger out on ramen… ramen was still a baby we got her at 3 months & at 3 months he was beating her…she was so scared of him that everytime she saw him she would poop herself.

“He would throw her across the room. He would grab the TV remote and hit her with it. When I would try to defend her or protect her he would just end up hitting me & throwing me across the room.”

About alerting the authorities regarding the situation, she accused the justice system of failing her. “I called the cops one time & all he got was probation & he had to donate money,” she claimed. “I tried to sue him & he tried to settle for 10k but I said no & pushed for more & eventually nothing ended up happening. All I got was a restraining order that lasts for 5 years.”

Soon after the aforementioned accusations went live, Wulf took to social media to address what he called the “darkest time” of his life.

“5 years ago i would have to say was the darkest time of my life i hurt people i loved i hurt my friends and i hurt my family what i did back then theres no excuse for it i was ashamed then and still ashamed now since then i’ve been doing things i think necessary to better myself with therapy, anger management and rehab,” he wrote.”

“I hate when motherfuckers come to the internet to apologize because that doesn’t solve anything, what really solves the problem is doing something about it which is what ive spent this time trying to do since that time and i will continue. to the people that support me i love you to death it kills me to have let yall down like this.”

Under a Twitter post of the above apology, one person commented: “I just don’t feel like beating women and throwing animals across rooms can be blamed on the year. Plenty of people go through substance abuse and still don’t do attack/assault women and animals.”

In response, the 31-year-old rapper wrote: “Not all of that was true but i understand the frustration.”

In related news, Vory was also accused of domestic abuse by his girlfriend last month. Home security videos that surfaced online in mid-February captured heated encounters between the Grammy-winning singer and his partner inside their home.

In one clip, he could be seen shouting aggressively at his partner, with whom he parents a child, and backing her down.

“I’m not doing that. You don’t run this. I do! I do! I do! I do!” he could be heard shouting while she walked backwards and pleaded with him to stop as she held their dog.

Meek Mill Goes Off On Vory Over Alleged Domestic Abuse: ‘This Guy Is Not a Dream Chaser’

Meek Mill Goes Off On Vory Over Alleged Domestic Abuse: ‘This Guy Is Not a Dream Chaser’

Another video showed the Dream Chasers signee ordering her to remove her phone’s access to their home security camera before warning her: “I will literally get you killed, for real.”

She detailed the singer’s alleged abuse in a lengthy post on her Instagram Stories, claiming she has footage of him punching her in the face and spitting on her.

“@vory you are a disgusting person,” she wrote. “You want to paint me out to be this ‘whore’/bad person. When it’s you! I don’t want to be with you or take your Valentine’s Day gift or spend time with you as a family because of all this shit you’ve put me through for TWO years so you go on social media to tell lies and try to spread this false narrative.

“Stop playing on my name before I post the videos of you punching me in the face, spitting on me and threatening to kill me while PREGNANT. I have all of those videos!! Show people who you really are. This man is a professional liar, manipulator and narcissist!”

She added: “The proof is public. [Simply] google what he has current court cases for: & that’s only 2 of the 100 times he’s done this. If y’all wanna support a man that abuses pregnant women or women in general that’s between you and god!”


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