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YBN Nahmir Continues Push For Adin Ross Boxing Match Leave a comment


YBN Nahmir has escalated his pursuit for a showdown with Adin Ross, who he continues to taunt over a fight Ross no longer seems to want.

Over the weekend, the YBN co-founder took to social media to unveil an apparent contract, complete with signatures and awaiting Ross’ endorsement.

“When , what , Where , I’l be there a youngin’ ain’t duck in from no [boxing glove emoji] match,” he began in the caption. “But is you gonn be there [laughing emoji] or just gonna talk behind the camera,” he continued.

Check out the since-deleted Instagram post below.

The call for a face-off follows allegations that the streaming star initially offered compensation to Nahmir for a fight, only to later withdraw from the match-up.

Nahmir initially lashed out at Ross in a video, where he criticized Playboi Carti‘s bizarre appearance on his Kick show.

“Ain’t you the same n-gga that just paid $2 million for a n-gga to sit next to you,” Nahmir said in a post to his Instagram Stories, presumably in response to an offer from Ross. “Don’t mention me in no bullshit. I don’t give a fuck about no free promo, no dick holding s**t, because I’m not that type of a n-gga.  I don’t care. 20 bands? What the fuck is that?”

He then offered to fight the controversial streamer for $100,000 after claiming Ross originally proposed $20,000 to duke it out. Ross responded on camera, turning down the request and going off on the rapper.

21 Savage Confronts Adin Ross Over $2M Playboi Carti Stream Payment

21 Savage Confronts Adin Ross Over $2M Playboi Carti Stream Payment

“Nahmir, you’re not worth $100,000. You fell off, you suck at music,” Ross started. “You failed your music career. I’ve got no disrespect to show, but that. Nahmir, you’re nothing. You’re nobody and your career sucks. He wanted 100 bands to fight. You are nowhere near 100 bands. And again, Kick paid Carti $2 mill. Hey, at least I got $2 mill to pay. You’re broke, fuck you!”

Nahmir didn’t take kindly to Ross’ reply, and took to Instagram Live with a rebuttal of his own.

“Don’t at me in no fucking shit if you’re talking shit, because you gon’ get smacked in your fucking mouth for it. You can hire all the security that you want to. It’s not going to work like that. Don’t disrespect my name and act like, ‘No disrespect, no disrespect!’ Shut the fuck up, n-gga! How the fuck you talk shit then cop a plea in the same fuckin’ video?”


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