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YesJulz Has ‘Compassion’ For Kanye West Despite Legal Drama Leave a comment


YesJulz (real name Julianne Goddard) doesn’t have an ill word to speak of Kanye West despite her unceremonious departure from his team that birthed a pending lawsuit against her.

Ye cut ties with her last week, writing on his Instagram Stories: “We have decided to no longer have YesJulz involved in the rollout of Vultures. All the activity on her page and with our fans in the past few days has been unauthorized.”

An email purportedly written by Yeezy chief of staff and far-right political commentator Milo Yiannopoulos that was sent to her also began circulating online soon after that, revealing they would be suing her for $7.7m for violating her NDA. However, Julz says that’s not really the case.

“[Kanye] has not told me he is suing me. I have not seen HIS signature on the paper,” she said in a Twitter post on Thursday (March 21) in response to a fan asking why she was still praising him.

She continued: “The letter of intent to arbitrate was very clearly written by Milo.Signed by Ye’s lawyer, who is also at the will of Milo. If the suit moves forward and Ye allows it to, sure i may feel different. & i’ll do what needs to be done to defend myself. I have no fear because i’ve done no wrong.

“Until then, i have compassion and grace for Ye as i know first hand how the people around him move & i feel its only a matter of time before the truth is revealed & he realizes whats truly going on. I pray for his continued success & protection.”

Following her departure, YesJulz leaked a text exchange with Kanye West wherein they discussed sending the beat for his unreleased song “New Body” to both Ice Spice and Doja Cat to see “who sounds best.”

The track was originally made in 2018 with Nicki Minaj and Ty Dolla $ign, and was supposed to be released as part of the Yeezy boss’ since-scrapped Yandhi album the following year.

Kanye West And Ty Dolla $ign Will Head To Egypt For ‘Vultures’ Pyramid Listening Party

Kanye West And Ty Dolla $ign Will Head To Egypt For ‘Vultures’ Pyramid Listening Party

Ye and Ty then planned to release it on Vultures 1 earlier this year, but Minaj ultimately denied permission because, as she put it, “that train has left the station.”

Julz didn’t specify why exactly she was leaking the aforementioned texts, though it happened soon after the fallout with Ye’s team.

“I am not an influencer,” she wrote in the caption of the text leaks. “I am a manager, producer, host, A&R, consultant, friend, and most importantly, an honest, loyal, and hard-working single mother.”

Ye later alleged Ice Spice had indeed recorded a verse for the song, but that it hasn’t seen the light of day yet because her team has been blocking its release.


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