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One week after announcing a 2024 refresh of its flagship 001 shooting brake was coming, Zeekr has officially launched the EV with better performance and pricing. Through these upgrades, the Chinese automaker looks to stay competitive in a competitive segment and double sales and deliveries compared to 2023.

The 001 is the flagship EV from Geely-owned automaker Zeekr, which originally debuted in April 2021 and found early success in China. Zeekr would eventually expand to new markets in Europe with the 001 before introducing a high-performance quad motor variant called the 001 FR in 2023.

In 2023, the 001 contributed to 64% of Zeekr’s global sales, and although the automaker has introduced three additional models since (not including the FR), the shooting brake remains its money maker. That said, Zeekr’s newest model, the 007, began deliveries in January and immediately overtook the 001, relaying that this is a wise time for a refresh.

We’ve seen Zeekr offer price cuts to the 001 in the past, but those ended with 2023, paving the way for today’s news of not only lower prices, but improved performance in the refresh. Here’s what we’ve learned.

Zeekr 001 refresh features 800V platform, lower prices

Zeekr officially launched the 001 refresh in China today during a live event held at its headquarters in Hangzhou, followed by numerous posts to its Weibo page, alongside a replay of its live stream.

First, the 2024 001 now sits atop Zeekr’s 800V platform, which debuted on the 007 sedan, a welcomed upgrade from its previous 400V architecture. This enables more efficient energy consumption and higher charge rates – 10-80% charge in 11.5 minutes, equating to 472km (293 miles), according to Zeekr.

Like its predecessor, the 2024 Zeekr 001 refresh will come available in four versions – two WE trims, a ME trim, and a YOU version. Here’s how the pricing has changed compared to Zeekr’s best offers on the original 001s at the end of 2023.

001 Trim WE (95 kWh) WE (100 kWh) ME (100 kWh) YOU (100 kWh)
Late 2023 RMB 269,000 ($37,375) RMB 269,000 ($37,375) RMB 319,000 ($44,320) RMB 349,000 ($48,485)
2024 Refresh RMB 269,000 ($37,375) RMB 269,000 ($37,375) RMB 299,000 ($41,540) RMB 329,000 ($45,700)

As you can see, the two lower-end versions of the 001 refresh remained at the same discounted price as Zeekr’s previous version, while the two higher trims saw discounts of RMB 20,000. That said, all versions have received performance upgrades.

The single motor 100 kWh WE trim gets a peak power boost from 200 kW to 310 kW and can now accelerate from 0-100 km/h (0-62 mph) an entire second faster (5.9 seconds). The other three versions of the Zeekr 001 refresh feature dual motors with a peak power of 580 kW. 0-100 k/m for the 95 kWh WE trim is 3.5 seconds and 3.3 seconds for the other two variants.

The three dual-motor options also utilize Qilin batteries from CATL, utilizing lithium ternary chemistry and enabling a CLTC range of 750km (466 miles) for the WE and 705 km (438 miles) for the ME and YOU. The single-motor WE version of the new 001 uses ShenXing batteries from CATL and delivers 675km (419 miles) of CLTC range.

Orders for the Zeekr 001 refresh are available immediately, with initial deliveries expected to begin March 1, 2024. Zeekr hopes this upgraded EV will help it reach its target of doubling deliveries to 230,000 EVs this year.

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