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Blueface’s Mom Says Dad Is Hanging With Chrisean Rock For ‘Clout’ Leave a comment


Blueface‘s mom, Karlissa Saffold, has said that her ex-husband (and the “Thotiana” rapper’s father) Johnathan Porter Sr. doesn’t have good intentions when it comes to hanging around Chrisean Rock.

In an Instagram Live that dropped on Friday (March 22), Saffold claimed that Porter Sr. moved in with the ex-athlete and her baby, Chrisean Jr., to draw more attention to himself.

“That man literally sat in my face and told me he couldn’t stand [Chrisean],” Saffold claimed. “She was going to take his son down. That’s why he up over there now.”

She continued: “Tell the lady the truth. You don’t like her, you don’t like what she stand for. Tell her what you told me…when we went over there. Stop faking and stop lying before I start posting your real-ass text messages letting her know how you really feel about her, why you really up over there.

“If you wanted some clout, you could’ve just asked for it. I would’ve just gave you some. You ain’t seen them other daughters of yours or them other grandkids of yours in a month, a year of Sundays ’cause you don’t give a fuck about them ’cause they ain’t got no clout, and they ain’t got no money.”

While it’s unclear whether the senior Porter is only hanging around for the clout, he could have come in handy to help Chrisean fight off the goons that were recently allegedly sent to her house by his son’s manager, Wack 100.

The rapper and reality star made the wild claim on a livestream where she detailed the alleged incident at her ex-boyfriend’s house, where Rock and her infant child are currently living.

Addressing Wack, who manages Blueface, she said: “You must be the motherfucker that sent them n-ggas here to rob us. The n-gga talking about it didn’t happen. Who the fuck would play with some shit like that, bro? We got a kid, yo!

“You fucking weird as fuck. You shoulda asked if we was good. Do you need to send protection over there? You over there trying to act like… that’s why nobody like y’all.”

Blueface ‘Had A Little Scuffle’ In Jail, Wack 100 Says

Blueface ‘Had A Little Scuffle’ In Jail, Wack 100 Says

“Since Blue got locked up, everybody got mad about who’s in the house,” she continued. “Y’all don’t like the n-gga’s phone and y’all don’t like my dumb shit. So y’all sending weird people to the house. Okay, I got it.

“And it’s funny because I don’t usually care when he’s trolling and shit but bitch, that’s real life. Like fucking really out front.”

Chrisean went on to tell Wack to “stop lying” over the incident.


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